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A short recovery run around the Thao Dien ward
One of the last once before I fly to the north to Ha Noi where I will be staying for one week during the go-live of my project. My time here in Vietnam is slowly coming to an end as I''ll be staying here for only two more months. I will miss this spot as its such a great place for running, but I also made quite a lot of other good memories. Thao Dien is a very lively district which lots of good restaurant both local as well as international. I will also miss the view from the apartment over Thao Dien ward (my most common running route) as well as the Song Sai Gon river. As it's coming to an end I like to share a couple of running memories.

Ha Long Bay and HCMC Marathon
As running is not such as big thing here the amount of events is still very limited still, however I was still able to run two really great events. The first one was the Ha Long Bay marathon and the second one was the HCMC half marathon.

Da Nang
One of my favorite places in Vietnam is Da Nang. This really is one of the better cities for running in Vietnam as there are actual sidewalks. Also it's a coastal city and running on the beach is always a great experience. Also the dragon bridge on the picture below breaths both fire and water at night.

Luckily however it is not completely over as there are still two more months. Next week I try to explore some new running territory in Ha Noi!

Dollar Cost Averaging NEO for every kilometer!
Back to the order of the day. If you have been following me for a little longer you know that I''ll be running the Marathon of Berlin on the 16th of September. As an experiment I will be using a variant on dollar cost averaging, at which I will invest 1 dollar for each kilometer that I run in preparation of the marathon in both NEO and GAS. Below the overview of the past two months.

DateKMNeo PriceGas PriceNeoGas
25 February 201817.01$115.87$35.380.150.48
26 February 20188.19$121.15$37.420.070.22
27 February 201810.23$144.03$44.670.070.23
28 February 20188.04$142.59$42.830.060.19
01 March 20185.01$126.57$39.900.040.13
04 March 201819.05$120.29$
05 March 20185.04$118.89$
07 March 20188.03$105.40$29.600.080.27
09 March 20189.18$89.94$
10 March 20185.77$92.61$26.790.060.22
12 March 201820.02$87.82$
18 March 201823.15$52.97$15.180.441.53
20 March 20188.02$69.78$21.310.110.38
21 March 20188.06$76.14$24.420.110.33
24 March 201811.44$67.71$22.310.170.51
25 March 201816.29$64.83$
26 March 20188.27$58.22$19.560.140.42

My weighted average price is now 93 for NEO and 28 for GAS. So the return of -37% and -30% respectively.


Hi, maybe you can do a blogpost on some of your favorite spots (e.g. restaurants, coffee spots) in Thao Dien?

Might be a good idea.

Run and have fun!

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