A surprisingly good run that makes me happy since my progress has been lacking lately

in #running3 months ago

I have been complaining lately about my lack of progress in my running and how I don't understand why even though I am running more frequently than normal that i seem to be getting worse rather than better. Well yesterday I suppose I had just the right combination of weather, motivation, music, and nutrition to push me to excel because at least by my own standards that is exactly what I did.


For starters, I am not a 10k kind of guy and had I known that I was so close to finishing a 10k I would have gone around the block or something. I really wish I had because that is an event that I rarely feel compelled to complete. I'm upset with myself because I was a mere 80 meters from finishing a 10k. My phone is my Strava, and it isn't a very good phone so I wasn't even looking at it and didn't look at it when I called the run quits either. I suppose I'll have to keep that in mind for the future.

The thing about this run was that I felt fine after the 10k and probably could have kept going a while longer. I only stopped because of the fact that it was getting late and I had to meet up with some friends at the local bar. I require a cooldown time before I head out the door so I knew that I needed to stop not because I was tired or gassed out, but because I had to be somewhere else. Perhaps when I have another go at this run in the future I will start earlier or just be late to what it is that I had planned on doing in the first place.


My splits make me even happier because I managed to maintain a relatively consistent pace outside of the first one. This is something that I am working on because I tend to start my runs a bit too ambitious and end up gassing out early because of it. Once I got to km number 2 you can see that I stabilized and managed to maintain a steady pace throughout the rest of the run. The 8 minute ones that you see in there are moments where I walked to catch my breath and one of them was answering someone's Whatsapp message to me. I am not displeased with any of those splits either though because I am about a 7 and a half minute per kilometer type of guy anyway.

Km 9 is a funny one because I started to pick up the pace because I was running past a bar that I know people in and like a nerd, I wanted to make it look like I run a lot faster than I actually do. I think all runners are a little bit guilty of this silliness.

The even better news is that I don't feel sore today at all after that even though it is nearly double what I would normally do on a run. Things just combined in a magical way to inspire me to greatness on this particular day. Let's hope that it can somehow continue because I have been getting quite frustrated lately with my lack of performance. This is exactly the sort of boost that I needed to my confidence.

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