Freezing run

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I have been running in -20 and windy weather. I had enough clothes so I wasn’t cold but everything around my breathing area froze. Work took me to Winnipeg, Canada this week. It was super busy but I got a run in before breakfast one morning. Found a lovely park where the trails had been shuffled for snow. It was so beautiful in the light of my headlight! Travel runs are great.

Unfortunately my shins still give me a hard time. I am so bummed about it because I probably have to skip the race I was training for. But, there will be other races and this too shall pass.


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Keep on running!

Cryotherapy will do well for you to recover, Keep on running!

Oooo it would for sure be cold over in Winnipeg! Good job getting out there!

The warm(er) weather will come someday. Here it's mild, then cold, then mild but at least no snow.

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