Which One Of These Should Be The RUNCOIN Logo?

in running •  11 months ago

After carefully evaluating the status of RUNCOIN, I decided it's time to create a logo for it. But, to be honest, I'm not very sure which one should I use. So, I'm asking for your opinion:




Please respond in the comments with 1, 2 or 3, 1 being the topmost icon in this post.

Much appreciated :)

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I like them in this order 3, 2, 1. Here's why, but these are simply my personal perceptions of them ;)
I prefer the 3rd one because it's in a minimalist style and suggests running as a sport.
The second it's ok too but feels too complicated and more like a dancer than a runner.
And the first one gives me the feeling of an exit signpost, like someone running away from something, not a good vibe.
So I vote for no. 3 :)


Thanks :)

I like first one as RUN coin logo...


Love the first one with the flat design and all, the other two seems too 2001-ish.
Anyway, I wonder how do you make cryptotoken and publish them in open ledger dex @dragosroua ? Hopefully you can make a post about it someday, cause I also wants to create an ICO to fundraise one of my venture, but I haven't got any idea how to do so.


dully noted, I will try to make room for a post like that. thanks for the input.


Awesome, looking forward to it, you're the mvp @dragosroua !

My order would be:

1 - this is simple. It will work in many installations, from business cards to websites to t-shirts, to listing on an exchange. It is nicely identifiable. I don't have to think to know what it is about.

  • suggested improvements: make the circle a bolder colour - like the red from logo 2

3 - this is a nice stylized logo, but I'm not sure what the crescent represents. When you make this much smaller as on a listing page on an exchange, I think it will not be bold enough to be recognizable

2 - this is a bit too busy / abstract to be easily identifiable as a runner. Again, when this is made smaller you lose all sense of what it is representing.

Just my thought on this - keep the logo as simple as you can. You want it to be identifiable without thought, or squinting to see it better.

Think of the Nike tick - very simple, works everywhere, adaptable.

I want a logo that also looks good on a shirt so I can wear my RUNCOIN shirt when I'm out running and let everyone know - I get paid to run! hehehehe


Thanks a lot, really appreciate your thoughts, Trevor :)


No problem :-)

I'm as interested to see where this goes as you are :-)

My favoruite one is probably the first one. Really simple and minamilsotic and something easy on the eyes.
The other ones I don't know why make me think of some branding on some sports healthy cereal bar.
All of them are great designs nonetheless

I like 1, 3, then 2.

1 seems like the most professional of the three. The circle is simple and easy on the eyes. The runner is the exit-runner that we already know and love. The logo is familiar, professional, and easily identifiable. A could be said that it's too derivative though.

2 is a little too abstract for my taste. Also, gradients shouldn't be used on logos.

3 seems a little off for some reason. Like it's skewed or the proportions are slightly off. I think it's just an optical trick, but it's less appealing than the circle to me.

I like the first one best.

For what it is worth, and I do not claim to be anything more than just a basic and simple soul, I like number 1 best because it is clear and simple. Like me.

1 > 3 > 2

Number 2 looks like the logo for the running event of a 80 or 90 olympics

Number 3 looks like something nike would have printed.

Number one looke more formal and coin like

i love the second one. Very good!

3,2 but 1 kind of traffic sign and I don't like it though I get the idea :)

I like 2, 1, then 3.

The first one is too simple IMO, the second one is not bad at all; love the colors. I really love the third one but would like to see it with some colors. So my pick is the Third one, Cheers.

1 is good with a cool overall page design fitting to the symbolic character of the design.
2 is unbalanced and would be a bad choice to pick for many reasons.
3 looks cool too but has more "sharpness" - somehow it is dangerous sharp
1 would be the clearest easiest solution
3 woud need some magic grafics design around the appearance of the logo, maybe in 3d and done very very well it could stand out of the standard look which design solution number1 represents.

I like most the third logo.

the first one think :)


Can i have you on skype ? :)


The obvious answer would be "yes", but also the obvious questions would be "why?"


Because you don't know when you need a Romanian fellow in this CC World :P


Well, you can hit me on the steemit.chat site, I have the same nickcname. We'll take it from there.

  1. graphics are better
  2. I like the roundness
  3. A little too busy
    Solution: Put the graphics from 3. into a circle :-)

Got it, thanks :)

3, 2 then 1. I would totally cut 1 from consideration.


Thanks :)

I like last the most. My order is 3, 2, 1.


Definitely 1, love the pale green, also if you zoom in you can still recognise it :)

i like the first one more simple clean and attractive
so order would be 1,3,2

I like them in the order that they are shown: 1, 2 then 3. 1 gets my vote for its simplicity and the fact that it most represents an actual coin. I like the look of 2 and if it had a circular border I might like it most. I need to go back and start reading about RunCoin from its origin.

Number #1 is the best for sure :)

#1 on a golden background.

Does a sign RUNCOIN fit in any of your logo ideas? Do you find it necessary to add the name of the coin?


Thanks for the suggestion. Nope, the name is not relevant, at least for me.


I know. But you know the coin. Others don't.

Anyways, I am asking because with every new logo design I ask myself how does the logo stand alone, with the title, horizontally, vertically and with various applications. You know, like achievements, events, challenges, whatever :)

I think number 1 is best. Its simple

I pick the 1st, because he seems the most stable, and is the clearest icon of running out of the 3.

1 is de best.

my order 1 3 2