Saturday's Morning Run- Running Adventures Ep 13 - Back on Track ... Sort of

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Hello and welcome to my running series where I document my training runs with all their delicious failures and occasional achievements :)

This morning I've decided that failing is not fun and managed to drag my behind out of bed and prepared to run a route that I've wanted to run for a long time. The weather was pretty warm for this time of year so the forest trails and even dirt roads were out of the question because my arch nemesis: mud, was out in all it's glory.

I didn't break any speed or distance records although I did climb about 260 m in altitude which is ok in my book but I will have to add some more elevation to my runs in order to perform well in the upcoming race.

As you can see from the route's profile, I ran down a hill, up and down another, and then back up the hill from where I started. Cluj is a pretty hilly place, which is ideal for my training.

The views were pretty cool but I was dying on the uphill portions so my photographical skills were kind of lacking. The sun decided to come out exactly when I was struggling with the uphill just to make sure I heat up and suffer even more :)). But even so I enjoyed running this route for the first time and doing something that I wanted to do for a long time.

Although this wasn't my best performance, it has lifted my morale a little bit and I'm ready to push myself more during the holidays with more interesting running challenges.

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Great to know that you are doing a very job for your health. Would request all to do in morning.


Cardiologists would go unemployed if everybody would run in the morning :)