Running Adventures Ep 29 - Getting out of the vegetative state

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As customary, it has been a while since the last running post. At least I'm back with good news, sunshine, unicorns and rainbows ... mostly unicorns to be honest, the pink fluffy kind :) - I must be getting soft.

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Anyway the good news is that my left knee is not as old and decrepit as I thought ... shocking I know. Is not brand spanking new either, because the meniscus - the squishy cartilaginous bit between the bones
yeah that one source
has some small problems but nothing that prevents me from running. Oh, and the rotula is not properly aligned ...aaand I also have an inflamed tendon. Too bad all those are on the inside because chicks dig scars or at least that's what I'm told.

After finding out that I don't have a good reason to be a vegetable anymore I started to increase the distances again and it felt quite good.


I'm trying to focus on form more than anything else at the moment and hopefully, I'll get rid of sore knees and similar problems. The valuable lesson that became apparent after all this, is that the most important thing you can train is the mental perseverance to build yourself up again after an injury and to not be afraid to start from scratch if you hit a wall with your training.

Hopefully I can continue to surf magical rainbow waves and admire the unicorn rain without injuring anything else because I'm tired of feeling like a sad piece of slow moving lard. I imagine you will keep your fingers crossed because I have awesome readers :)
( Before you ask: I wasn't high when I wrote this, just for the record )
See you in the next one!

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