Running Adventures Ep 28 - Stairway to fitness heaven?

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After this winter was the strongest in terms of running, I ended up with a pretty lazy spring - because running when it's cold and miserable outside is much more fun obviously :P

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On a more serious note this past couple of months have been a bit depressing when I think about my running fitness. The reasons were multiple - from the knee acting up to the fact I just felt tired all the time . So I finally got my act together and did a knee MRI last week and currently I'm still waiting for the result .

In the meantime I decided to do some workouts that wouldn't involve long distances and strain my knee, so the best option was to run uphill on a short route.




I recently discovered a nice alley surrounded by trees and with pretty steep gradient that is perfect for running up and down like an out of shape hamster.




The distances were modest at best, but I assure you the incline combined with the heat, which I'm not accustomed to yet, made sure that the runs weren't to easy.

Sometime this week I will find out is my knee is ready for some real punishment or if it needs fixing. Fingers crossed :)

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Crossing my fingers! And laughing about the hamster thing.

Glad I made you laugh :)

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