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Running seems to calm me down as it's just me with my thoughts out there somewhere, moving. I'm not a great runner, I don't claim to do it often but I like it a lot. Got myself some fit shoes, appropriate clothes and just started running a few years ago.

I don't do it because during my winter hibernation I gained a few, I don't think running can help you loose that much weight, but one of the most important things running gives me is endurance. Endurance to resist sustained physical effort.

This week I ran into a kickstarter campaign for a product that I think will help me run better, in terms of achieving more performance and overall stature, running correctly so to say. SHFT. It's a small device that you attach to your shoe or to your chest and it's coupled with a smartphone app that analyses the data real time and gives you advice on how to run.

Here's how it works:

I've seen their product a while ago but I though it was too expensive. This time, I got myself the 59$ super early bird one the second I saw the campaign so I though I should share, maybe other could also benefit. 1 week down the line and their funding is already at 20k, out of a 50k they're looking for.

You can get yours from Kickstarter here.

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Receiving 20k in one week from the limit they have gives a lot of confidence and hopefully they will come out with a very qualitative product.