STEEM - "After the Apocalypse"

Those who survived and have a STEEM account with friends and money on will have an easier way to reconnect with lost friends and tradeable token then, for example, Bitcoin and pretty much everything else.

That is why STEEM is valuable in the state it is in right now. SMTs will come, and add extra value to this blockchain allowing organisations/companies of people/project company a group of people or single individuals to create their own entity token/share/stock making STEEM more business-friendly.

But even without further development, STEEM is valuable because of the two reasons I gave about STEEM after the "Apocalypse".


So I bought more STEEM from the market, even powered up some of it and expect many more to do the same. $1m Volume today :)

If you want to talk with me, I am at as always, 2.5 years non stop without panic buying/selling or FOMO.


Go Go Steem!...:)...

Thanks for upvote

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A few days ago steem price was 0.24. Today is 0.27. I think the price of the steem again will increase.

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It is a fact that the only way is up AND not to forget the mechanism that eliminated the creation of new SBD has helped Steem! When something is good, it must be said too!

Wallet looks less than i remember although still a whale. Did you use a different wallet ?

that moment when you can take a sigh of relief finally

the price of steem is very plummeting, hopefully it can be normal again

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This is a hiccup disguised as a gain?

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Looking at current prices, this is the time to waste steem to buy trash.

Very helpful information. Thanks you

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Thank you for letting me know!

Thank you for being part of this adventure! :)

It will always have been a pleasure. I hope you and others have filled your bags for cheap now.

I'm trying my best.. As student it's not really easy.
I also have to go around 60km by train or bike to the next Bitcoin atm..

But in the german community many became redfish or dolphin, lately we also got a new orca :)

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super bullish on steem, let the fomo begin :D

I wish i have much and more money to invest in steem, you are correct, this the right time to buy even Jeff Berwick and Ed Bugos..says this the very right time to buy cryptocurrency and steemit is even mentioned by jeff..

Sir John Templeton
Templeton, during the Depression of the 1930s, bought 100 shares of each NYSE listed company which was then selling for less than $1 a share ($18 today) (104 companies, 34 in bankruptcy, in 1939), later making many times the money back when USA industry picked up as a result of World War II.[6] According to Templeton, he called his broker the day World War II began and instructed him to purchase every stock trading at less than a dollar. This stratagem helped make him a wealthy man.

Once you hit rock bottom, the only direction is up right? One we march! $1 here we come or so I hope

But was this really the bottom?

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I guess we'll never know, I'm pretty fine with the prices as is though. All on my way to stake up to dolphin

Good luck! :)
Hopefully I can also add a few more steem to my stake. :)

It is very supportive and helpful informatio , do sharing suvmch kind of news more n more

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You guys have so much confidence, i'm scared to buy more