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Today I did my weekly runforsteem run. I decided to do it in the evening as I was a little too lazy to get up at 4:30 to do it before work this morning. However there is a lot of traffic in the evening making it quite hard to do a proper interval run as I'd planned for today, luckily I still managed to pull it of.

Cardio-Sprint Pyramid (CSP)
Every other week I follow the cardio-sprint pyramid approach for my interval run. With this approach you start of with a short sprint and rest cycles building up to longer cycles after which slowing down to shorter cycles again. In total I'll be running 52 minutes and it is broken up in the following cycles:

  • 10 minute warm-up
  • 30 seconds sprint, 30 seconds recover
  • 1 minute sprint, 1 minute recover
  • 2 minutes sprint, 2 minutes recover
  • 3 minutes sprint, 3 minutes recover
  • 4 minutes sprint, 4 minutes recover
  • 3 minutes sprint, 3 minutes recover
  • 2 minutes sprint, 2 minutes recover
  • 1 minute sprint, 1 minute recover
  • 30 seconds sprint, 30 seconds recover
  • Finishing off with a 10 minute cool-down

Me after the run was over

Running pace
Keeping my pace up was quite a challenge today. Maybe the traffic played a role or the fact that it was my first interval run in quite some time. However, it also did not help that I had to manually keep track of the time using my phone. If someone knows a nice app that can be used to track intervals in a customized or pyramid fashion like above, please let me know.

Dollar Cost Averaging Neo for every kilometer!
If you have been following me for a little longer you know that I''ll be running the Marathon of Berlin on the 16th of September. As an experiment I will be using a variant on dollar cost averaging, at which I will invest 1 dollar for each kilometer that I run in preparation of the marathon in both NEO and GAS. Today's markets are again bloody red getting me even more NEO and GAS for a even lower prices. I bought for 9.18 usd of both NEO ans GAS for $89.94 and $27.14 adding an additional 0.10 NEO and 0.34 GAS to my collection.

DateKMNeo PriceGas PriceNeoGas
25 February 201817.01$115.87$35.380.150.48
26 February 20188.19$121.15$37.420.070.22
27 February 201810.23$144.03$44.670.070.23
28 February 20188.04$142.59$42.830.060.19
01 March 20185.01$126.57$39.900.040.13
04 March 201819.05$120.29$
05 March 20185.04$118.89$
07 March 20188.03$105.40$29.600.080.27
09 March 20189.18$89.94$

My weighted average price is now 120.07 for NEO and 36.34 for GAS. So a negative return of 25% for both tokens.

Weekly Run for Steem Challenge by @jumowa

Tomorrow I will do an easy run of around 12 kilometers. See you next run! Follow me, resteem and upvote, if you like these posts.


That pyramide approach really looks interesting. I think that @dailyrunner was also writing about similar strategy. Maybe you can ask her, how does she measure her intervals. I am going to try that pyramide, too, next week. (i am waiting for my new watch, hope it would support pyramide strategy)

About tracking via the phone, maybe you can just set the alarm sound for all repeatings before you begin the training?

Thanks, I'll try that out. I am also looking for a new watch. Which watch are you getting?

sorry for so delayed answer.
I've bought Amazfit Pace A1612 watch. Actually, my husband chose it for me. I asked him to find something not expensive, that will give me correct altitude and also I wanted watch that synchronize with Strava correctly (which my previous watch had problem).
If you see the reviews on youtube, It has many options, and it is really beautiful, but appeared that this watch hasn't option to set reminder for switching intervals, where you don't have to stop with running. (There is something similar that I didn't try yet.)
Because my husband isn't so in intervals, he thought that it was not important to me, too. I was really mad. My fault actually, that I didn't tell him know that it was VERY important to me.
I am not going to send the watch back , I like it really. I'll try to use the other option similar to setting for intervals. I'll try that tomorrow.
btw, I see on internet there are some drivers that are possible to connect with the watch, in order to create your own intervals, but I have no idea how to connect them, I'll have to wait until my husband comes from the trip.

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