Run for Steem: Emphasis on "Steam"

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Welcome to Hotlanta!  Today marks the official start of the summer season, and it definitely feels like it here.  I got out for my run by 8 in the morning and it was already quite steamy out between the heat and humidity.  Luckily I remembered to bring clothes to change into so I could shower at work between my run and a corporate wellness luncheon I was helping run.  I am pretty glad I get to live in workout clothes and a bun, because even after taking a cool shower it was way too hot to blow dry my hair!  Girl problems. ;)

Despite the conditions (it sure isn't going to get better any time soon), I wanted to give my new pyramid workout that I shared last week (here) another go.  My pacing was a little off last time around and it was just time for some speed work in my weekly training.  This time I did the workout in a location where I had a better idea of my distances.  Not quite as good as a track, but at least it did help keep me from sandbagging on my intervals. ;)

It's hard to really be able to tell on this graph, but I definitely hit a much more appropriate level of effort for each interval.  Last time I did this workout my 200's were faster than my 100's, and the same for my 300's and 400's.

My fastest interval this week was my first 100 meter sprint, which given how beat I was by the end of the workout is perfectly appropriate.  The heat and humidity were really getting to me, making it pretty unpleasant to try to complete the whole round.  I sucked it up, though, and my second 300 meter and 200 meter intervals were faster than the first.  I did have to walk once or twice on my rest periods, but I'm totally fine with that as it may have actually helped me on the work portion.

They definitely weren't lying!  I keep trying to get more acclimated to running in the summer, but I don't know that I will ever really enjoy it like I do when the weather is more moderate.  Luckily having goals definitely helps keep me motivated to get a few outdoor runs in a week regardless.  That and having the @runningproject crew and @jumowa's weekly challenge to be a part of helps even more.  This will count as my #runforsteem for this week's challenge.  The friendly support on here counts for a lot! Happy running!

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Go girl!! I don't run as I can't learn to breath properly and I admire people who do! I rather do yoga or a workout at the gym 😊

Thank you! I have known quite a few people with that issue when it comes to running. The good thing is there are so many other great forms of exercise to enjoy like your yoga or gym time! 😊

Exactly! I love to exercise, just running is not my thing :) So as you say, there are so many different exercises that everybody can choose what suits them best :)

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It’s being very hard for running these days as well here in Barcelona, so warm.
Good hard workout

May not always be pleasant during, but feels good when you're done! :)

Yes, specially after a cold shower ;-)
Keep on running mate!

I agree with you that running in summer is challenging. It turns us into "morning people" even if we weren't already! Got to beat that sun! Keep cool, keep running and steem on ;)

Totally! I usually don't like running in a totally fasted state, but I'm starting to do that more often just to get out before it gets ridiculous out. 😋

Lol, I like your use of "ridiculous" ;) True, sometimes you walk out your door, the heat hits and all you can think is, "This is ridiculous!"

run fast friend

Doing my best to try! Thanks!

Good job & I remember those hotlanta days. Though, it's getting pretty hot here in Minnesota too.

Thanks, yeah we are definitely not alone in the heat and humidity department! Getting pretty toasty all around these days. 🔥

I can't really complain my body doesn't handle the cold very well. Rather, my lungs don't

you go girl!!! =)

I definitely earned an indoor workout tomorrow! :P

*When someone tells you that what you want to do is impossible, change the word in your head to hard. What you want to do is hard. Hard is doable – it just requires dedicated work and effort and you can make it happen.

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you have a lot of stamina to keep pushing through that heat... Go u!

You have a lot of
Stamina to keep pushing
Through that heat... Go u!

                 - celestialcow

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