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I’m in Denver this week and went out for a walk after work tonight. I strained my hamstring again last week when I slipped on a muddy trail so have been taking it easy. I started tonight with a warmup walk for a little over a mile, then did a run walk for a mile and three quarters and then finished with a mile cool down walk. The run portion was along the South Platte River trail, a concrete path along the river for bikers and walkers. There were a lot of people out enjoying the nice weather and the beautiful sunset, including the countless homeless people who live in Denver.




Here’s an aerial of the run portion.


The trail is flat and straight for much of it, with frequent bridges passing over the trail. I used the bridges to time my run walk timing, changing between running and walking every time I passed under another bridge.


Running injuries are frustrating and I’ve had my share this year. Even with the run walk, my hamstring started to heat up by the end of the mile and three quarters. I may not be posting runs in @jumowa’s #runforsteem challenge while I recover but hopefully will be back before too long.


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Are you eating well enough to allow your body to heal from all that passionate movement?


I try to eat healthy, with lots of fish and vegetables. I track the type of calories pretty closely..

Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.
Dean Karnazes

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I hear the air is thinner up there :P Love that shot with the sunlight beaming through!


Thanks! I’m not used to running at altitude, but think the run walk kept me from feeling the effects. The sky was beautiful that night.

Looks like a gorgeous run/walk. Even if you're moving slower, at least you're getting out there. 💖


It was a very nice run walk. At 59, I’m grateful to be moving at all. 😁