Woodland Running - Weekly #runforsteem Run Report

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Today I completed a delightful 6 mile run. Most of it was in the woods. I wasn't originally planning to stop and take any pictures today but I just had to when I came upon this new section of the trail. Lucky for me, there's a whole network of trails behind the apartment complex which makes for convenient training! They are fairly well maintained too so that is a bonus. It may not look like it from the picture but it was pretty muddy & slippery on parts of the trail as we had some recent rain. So I had to be careful and watch my footing, which slowed me down a little & not all of the trail is this perfectly flat either. Check out these sexy post run legs! :p
I didn't originally plan to run 6 miles. But, I got turned around on the trails and ended up covering some ground more than once.
Not the first time such a thing has happened to me and probably won't be the last. I was okay with the run being longer. I needed the stress relief. I started out on the roads, did the bulk of the run in the woods, and finished up to get an even 6 miles on the road. The woods slowed me down a little, overall pace wise.
I feel like I could've been faster on the trails if it weren't so slippery in some sections but all in all, I had an excellent run today. This run will serve as weekly #runforsteem run hosted by @jumowa. Check out his post here with all the rules:

I'm looking forward to future exploration on the trails. As you can see from the google map view above, there are still some large sections I haven't covered. Alright that will wrap things up for this post. Thanks for visiting & happy Tuesday!

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😮 What a beautiful place! I love that trail lined by trees! 💙
Man I believe it about the mud, it's better to be careful! I once saw this news report where the reporter stopped to talk to some joggers running on ice, and just as they got done saying, yeah, doesn't stop us, you just gotta be careful ...they waved goodbye and ran off, whereupon both of them promptly wiped out hard. 😬


Oh my gosh! I run extra carefully if i know there's ice out because you can't always see it. Pride cometh before a fall I guess!


Right? I don't even walk at normal pace on ice, I'm for sure not running on it!


I totally hear ya!

Beautiful place, I have some trials like this one close to me, which I follow.
But I avoid it when rains or after rain, because of mud.


Probably smart, I lost traction a couple times today even with trying to slow it down

Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.
Dean Karnazes

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I love the photo of the new path you discovered, it’s pretty cool tou have a network of trails to train with close to where you live!


Thank you, I was happy to make this discovery :)

That's a lovely section of trail. I wish I had trails like that to run on.

6 miles is a pretty good distance to run, and your pace was pretty good too.

You'll certainly feel the benefit from it the next time you go out.


Thanks, it was a good running day :)

The trail on your photo looks just great and so inviting. You are lucky to live near such a trail :)


I am lucky! Thx for dropping in :)

Mine legs sometimes look exactly as yours! :-D


Haha, a little dirt never hurt, did it?