Owen Farrell Knew England Would Beat New Zealand

in #rugby5 years ago

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He is a bit like Marmite. You either love him or hate him. If you are not English then you probably hate the England rugby captain. He is the master of shithousery and gets to the opposition like no one else. Ladies and gentlemen the above photo is Owen Farrell during the New Zealand haka today.
Being Irish I should really hate him but he is like a pantomime villian and I love them. When I got up to watch the game today I was interested in how Farrell would deal with the haka. Rory Best the Irish captain was shaking during the Irish match. Thanks to the Irish fans they drowned out any war dance. But the English formed a V around the haka and Farrell was priceless with that smirk above. Heres the video of the whole pre match build up.

He was looking down on their little dance. He thought it was stupid. Look at his face. He knew that England were going to have the better of them. I was laughing my head off during it. That smirk will go down in history and will be in many memes to come. It was the moment of the world cup. The unbeatable all blacks got humbled. England were the better team. They were class. It is amazing how different the team were from the 6 nations. They can transform to play different styles at the drop of a hat. There were question marks over Eddie Jones last year but there isn't now. It was probably Englands best ever display as a rugby nation. They are through to the final now and in my opinion they will take some beating. I think it is theres now for the taking.


Has the Haka become a little bit stupid? I always watch it thinking that it's extremely well choreographed but this isn't Strictly Come Dancing shouldn't they have spent a bit more time practicing their lineout than slapping their forearms and making funny faces in the mirror?

Yeah i know its tradition but its a little silly . The way Farrell looked at them. I think that smirk did damage to it. They shouldnt have an unfair advantage in the first place. And they are allowed to do it then they shouldnt be complaining how the opposition or the opposition fans react to it. The Irish drowned them out with song . That was brilliant .

I thought it was brilliant gamesmanship from Farrell. The Haka is only a weapon if you allow it to be one and what he did is reduce it to the sideshow that it is - you came here to dance, we came here to play Rugby...

It is anyones for the taking now. You saw what happened to France when they lost a player and I think someone will see red in the final as well. Garces will referee the final and he is known for sending players off.

Yeah and England are the masters of the dark arts so there will be red looming alright

Looks like there's always a fight, no matter if the match has started or not. If Haka is allowed, the faces are allowed too as long as it's respectful.

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