📢 Tether (USDT) gateway on decentralized trading platform Bitshares RuDEX launched

in rudex •  2 months ago 

Aloha, traders! We are expanding the lineup of non Graphene gateways, and this time we’re adding an ERC20 Tether (USDT) gateway.


During the design of the gateway we were aiming to ensure the following parameters:

  • Security
  • Independency
  • Transparency and ease of audit
  • Public trading bots
  • Strict correlation between amount of tokens in the wallet and on the DEX
  • Minimization of the fees
  • Ease of use
  • Stability
  • No KYC, no max. limits



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Out of curiosity, once you have something in USDT on Rudex, how would you then get that out of Rudex into fiat currency?

we don't work with fiat, but you can use a dozen of services that withdraw usdt to bank cards in your country

Thanks! So I could use the withdraw feature to withdraw USDT/eth/something else to a Metamask wallet or Coinbase for instance?


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