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I like this one a lot.


I'm really glad to hear it from a professiomal)


Good Luck 👍

Excellent logo! Great work!

Hello @svamiva I have been looking at the contest page and there are a lot of entries.
Some of them are Ok, some good but too much going on in them and some very good ones as far as a newbie like me can judge it :)
I do not know if this is your entry or you are promoting the contest :)
If it is your entry then I wish you good luck !
Some competition but that is a good thing :)

I love a good contest but this one is out of my league.
I will resteem it though, maybe one of my followers is good at it :)

Looking forward to your students art.
Thank you for your support, I appreciate it a lot :)
Take care :)


Someone from my feed made an entry and I thought I'll also give a try.
Also I didn't expect to win one thing I would definetly expect is to get at least 1% upvote from the organizers for the entry.
Sinse it never happened I definetly wouldn't encourage you to take part as well )


Oh that is not a nice way to treat your contenders.
This will only come back to him and bite him in the behind
since people do not like to be treated like that.
A tiny upvote is the least you can do to show the contenders that you saw their work.
That is what is important to me.
Steemit is about sharing your ideas , work, photography and if nobody looks at it then it can become a little frustrating :)
At those times I try to focus on the fun I had doing what I did and let it be.
So I hope you had fun :)

Have a nice evening :)


Happy to report, they did a nice $3 upvote now )
So you might have a go too)


That is very nice to hear svamiva :)
I am no good at logo design haha so I stick to making photos :)
Thanks for reply though!
When I said in my last reply that I look forward to your students art I had
you confused with somebody else :)
Getting old svamiva and the brain sometimes forgets things :)
But I do appreciate your support !
It helps my posts getting more viewers and that is great :)

Very good @svamiva.. Do you want to vote in my posts?