Rock Paper Scissors - LOGO CONTEST!

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Rock Paper Scissors - LOGO CONTEST!


Choose Your Prize! Details below!

Contest RPS.jpeg

Rock Paper Scissors (affectionately known as RPS) needs a LOGO!

Our friends at Pacatum Inc. have asked us to help them come up with a logo for their Rock, Paper, Scissors peer-to-peer tournament app they are releasing for @Peerplays in a few weeks. Of course we came directly to the @Steemit community!

What are they looking for:

An original design by you, preferably in high resolution, which can be used as the logo for RPS.

The winner will receive:

888 STEEM tokens (worth approx $1,200 at today’s price)


.333 BTC

PLUS Your Artwork featured as the logo of a revolutionary new gaming app!


  • Be original!
  • The contest will run from August 10, 2017 at 10:00 UTC, until August 21, 2017 at 10:00 UTC.
  • Use the hashtag #RPS-LOGO & #Peerplays for your submissions on Steemit.
  • You my enter as many designs as you like.
  • To be eligible for the grand prize, you must grant Pacatum Inc an unconditional license to use your design for their app.

The winner will be chosen from all designs submitted to #rps-logo on Steemit.

The winner will be announced on August 25th, 2017.

Best of luck to everyone!

RPS 2.jpeg

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Hey there,
Here is my design for your competition.

See my post for more information rock-paper-scissors-logo-idea ! Thanks for the great competition.


This is the best one so far.


I like it!


that's pretty cool @me-shell I'd say that's a contender !


Hey thanks! Appreciate the support. There are a lot of good entries over at #RPS-Logo. I am interested in seeing what they choose!


Nice and very so easy to understand that it is a rock paper and scissor

such great designs!

Hi @Peerplays! this is my entry.
I was playing with "play" symbol idea, paper origami-like shapes and compact forms. I believe symbols with all 3 signs or with hands would be over-complicated and hard to use.

I would like to know how does it fit your vision. If you choose my design, Im willing to do any and all changes incuding changing of the shape, colors, type.
Source files and vector format will be provided after payment.


Full post can be found here -

Thank you for your consideration.


It has similar colors to that one under you.

When can we expect the announcement?

My entry lives here. Thanks for offering such a generous reward!


Hi Ehzi, I like the way you made the logo. I need a logo for my blog website, I have made the design myself by drawing and scanning it in and putting this layer over apicture, but I am not satisfied with the result and am looking for other options. Would you be able to help? If you're curious what I have done my website is:


I'll take a look on my lunch break. I imagine we can work something out.


Thanks! I appreciate it.


Please, send me an email and let me know more.


Ok, did you look at the website? It's a bit of a feminine kind of logo, is this up your street or not?


I did. I replied to your message, let's see what we can come up with. Cheers.

wow excellent idea



that's a nice update @foways !


Heheh thanks 🤣🤣🤣

sebuah kontes yang bagus...saya ingin mencobanya...terimakasih

Thank you kingscrown for the updates. It helps to analyzed the list. Large moves in play.

Interesting 😎

Great information....bro

Thank you for sharing, I can beat domestically my friends now haha


Fun fact: In Australia its called 'scissors, paper, rock'

buena idea, buen post good!!!

Wow very nice, working on it! if win , donate the money for pets not home!

Who will pick the winner? Pacatum or Peerplays pbsa? Both? Steemit votes have nothing with it, right? I'm thinking on apply some logos, kind of have some experience in it.


Pacatum will pick the winner

great poss

upvoted resteemed and followed


that's a really nice interpretation ! good work @foways


Thanks about that!!! Im happy to do that


This is very nice

Hi i participate in it see my logo idea in @bangjal

I'm not good at graphics, but interested in seeing what people come up with...good luck and luv.

What will be Eight color background?

Good luck contestants!



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That's my idea: How do you like it?



i thought of something abstract.....RockPaperScissors.png

This is looks something for me . 😉I will create something soon

Nice competition/ reminds me my favorite game during my childhood.

Good luck guys

Nice 👍

Here's my entry:

64x64 pixels

128x128 pixels


amazing and functional design!
I believe it's the coolest logo, till now.

well i have seen this conteste on someone else blog didn't get it he was talking about Cryptos ( Rock - Scissor - paper ) RPS but when i am here its something really différent lol here what i got

Hello @peerplays.
I think this is a very interesting contest.
Please see my attempt below:

Animated Gif

Thanks and have a great day!

Please feel free to check my post with the explaination of logo below. Thanks



This is actually very nice!!! Only thing I dont like is the color.


I can't say I love it myself haha. Thanks for the compliment!

Here are my logos #RPS-LOGO #Peerplays, hope you like it:



Very cute characters
i love them :)



FINAL ENTRY blockAddictRPS2.jpg

@peerplays am i late or you can accept late submissions? I thought 25 was the final day...

Basically it's just an edit on my previous entry... I just added some blocks here and there and gave it a title :)


it was over the 21st brutha...

When will the chosen design be announced?








for more RPS logo ideas visit the >>> LINK <<<