Rock Paper Scissors Logo Contest Submission

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Hey Steemers! It's awesome to find a design community here! I haven't participated on Steemit other than reading an article or two from time to time, but coming back, exploring some more and finding all of these people interested in design has been great! I figured I'd make my first post a submission to this Rock Paper Scissors competition - seen a couple good ones so far..

In my design, I've gone with an icon style. I'm not sure what exactly you guys at Pacatum and @Peerplays are looking for, but I thought this logo would have a wide application range.

I'm showing a few different variations here, and of course can make adjustments based on feedback. I will supply source files for all variations if this design is chosen.

If you scroll to the bottom there's a much abbreviated development process. It's nice when people show their design process, so I figured I would too! It shows the basic steps I took, but leaves out many tweaking steps as well as the work in Photoshop (these steps were all from Illustrator). Hopefully I'll have time to flesh out a few other designs ideas I have for this contest.

**Update: You can see my second submission here

Rock Paper Scissors.jpg
Rock Paper Scissors 1.3.jpg
Rock Paper Scissors 1.2.jpg
Rock Paper Scissors 1.1.jpg
Rock Paper Scissors dev.jpg


I like it :) Great!

Thank you very much!

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I really like this one! Very clean and modern. Would look great as an app icon as well. Thanks for posting the development process! It's a cool insight for a non-designer like myself.

Glad you like it! - the dev process as well :)

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