Two New Campaigns Begins...

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Soon brave new heroes will be embarking on a new campaign using the Current Edition of Dungeons & Dragons ®. and continuing in the World of Clichea that The BlackHack was played.

Dungeons & Dragons will be played Wednesdays during the afternoon PST on the Whaleshares Discord Server. (Time to be determined)


Campaign Number Two will be played using Shadowrun on the sprawling streets of Seatle. This will be using the 20th Anniversary Edition as I believe the WiFi hacking to be a bit more believable over the old deckers jacking in.

Shadowrun will be played on Friday nights as this will have a lot of adult content and situations. Also to be played on the Whaleshares Discord Server.

Michael Garcia a.k.a. @TheCrazyGM

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Have always wanted to get involved in d&d. Will lurk next Friday, and try to build the courage to join a game.

@thecrazygm can anyone be a part of these games or it is reserved? I would like to get on board. Thanks for sharing sounds intriguing!


Anyone on the Discord server is welcome. Complete newbies are welcome as well.


that's awesome!

Thanks for information . We need more people like you .

I dunno if I'll have the time, but I'm going to make a character and get in on this :D

iZombie made D&D look like awesome fun. I'll need to check it out.

we need a good coverage of this. keep us updated please!

cool post....

Love this post, I have not played D&D forever but having this as an option might worth it!


Well man if you wanna swing by Hamburg, we are actually looking for a new player! I mentioned the D&D game I've got going in my new intro post by the way ;) #shamelessplug

Hello, @thecrazygm! I'm very interested to know how you're running these games. I've heard of Discord, but I'm not familiar with it.

I'd like to run a campaign myself and invite Steemers to join in, so if you could point me to a good resource, I'd be extremely grateful!

-Very nice post, Congratulations, love you and Proud of you.....

Hi, I find it interesting that I would like to know more about what these games are about.

"Attempts to seduce the door" & "You can't set water on fire because you rolled a critical"! I miss that...

Nice work

Thank you!

Great post

I used to play in the late 70's and early 80's...
Has it changed much?


Honestly, not much, I still prefer the older editions.