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This blog about my gaming room is about a World War II wargame. But instead of being just a regular blog, I would ask you, the reader to vote for the Veteran Witnesses listed below... It is a great way to show your appreciation of these great men and women in the spirit of the Holidays.

Flames of war is a war game at 1:100 scale (15 mm)












Please, I would ask all readers to vote for the Veteran Witnesses:


Thank you :)

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Oh boy! Tanks and army men to play with cause I was the best tank driver in the whole durn Army one year. The next year they threw me out for being a rump ranger. Oh wait.... that was the Chaplain's aide. Play on, with those beautiful pieces my friend.

Looks like great fun playing army and blowing stuff up. You have a great attention to detail.

This is so cool. You made this all yourself?


Yes sir and thank you :)

Awesome setup , Is that the DIY headquarters i see with their logo on the ruuf ?

Gosh the detail in this is just a work of art in itself!

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