how to do darkland new player "Tutorial"

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Is a mix between settlers and skyrim. its a slow moving texts based RPG it has a turn every Sunday (GMT +1)

how the Darkland economy works and how do it help you as a player
the ide is to not be dependent on up votes in the posts, but have a solid curation. the game is sitting at 5000 SP. all players get there own posts up voted by the account. The value of the vote is determined by how many workers your colony has. the value starts at 30% and after 5 workers it increases whit 6% per worker you can get more percentages the be active in the game. all players get one or more comment per post up voted normal 30-70%
Gold is and in game resources you can get by doing quest , trade or from your workers.
you can sell the gold you acquire to get 100% up votes or steembasicincome shares.

The game is free to play but you have a option to delegate to get more workers in the colony.
u need to expect miss spelling in the post. Game is made by a Dyslexic,
Your first turn.
when you are joining the game u will get and section in the Sunday colony post.
its going to be like this.
you will get tagged.


the current colonists

all photots in the game is from
is arriving from on a ship he has little resources with him. start
traveling into the land a narrow valley its a small river he thinking this is it. he settling down.
Resources Phase:
SP Delegated: 0 SP (zero worker)
Silver workers (zero)
Wood 6
Stone 6
Food 4
Silver 5
Gold 1

Colony conditions:
Current Modifiers: Cold/missing bed/fire (-30% production)

Colony Phase:
U can hire one worker 5 silver
you have one worker you can move him around
0 Lumberjack;0 Forager;0 Miner;0 Builder;

u can build building if u have the materials and a workers/player to do it.
Fireplace 5 wood (uses 1 wood per turn)
Bivouac/Bed 5 wood 3 stone
Research bench 10 wood (unlocking the teck tree and new worker type)

Discovered the immediate area (easy)

1 Resources Phase (how much resources you have and delegation)
2.Colony conditions (+- bonus and problems in the colony and the reason)
3.Colony Phase (overview over workers and available jobs)
4.Buildings (overview over buildings you have access to and the cost to get them)
5.Quest (by doing quest you get need buildings items and resources its a god way of getting silver.)
6.Diplomatic phase in the comments you can offer and trade or buying from colonist or the outpost. or just make a deal or anything you want.

the back bone in every colony. every week you can move your workers around. workers can only do one job a week. workers cant do quests alone.
in the beginning in your colony the workers are happy. but when your colony have 5 or more workers they want two different food types and more sleeping spots. and happy worker its a good worker. and if they are unhappy the consequence can be fatale.
workers can get killed in combat or events.

how to get workers.
its two ways. silver is a rare resource in the beginning, you can get it in mining you need a silver mine or in quests and trade.
you need 5 silver to hire one worker the next one is 10 and 15 and so on. your colony can max have 15 workers.

Delegation up vote values
by Delegation to the @darklands you can get workers to and a bigger up vote after 5 workers you get +6% up vote in your posts.

  • 10 sp 1 workers
  • 20 sp 2 workers
  • 40 sp 3 workers
  • 80 sp 4 workers
  • 160 sp 5 workers
  • 340 sp 6 workers

how much resources make my workers.
lumberjack and miner has a 1-6 dice (the game doing it) +-Modifiers
Forager has a 1-4 (the game doing it) +-Modifiers
buildings like the stone quarry and lumberyard has a base of +5 per worker.
NB: you need a silver mine to get silver. to unlock the buldings your colony need to have the Research bench

your first 3 weeks.
wood is the most important in the beginning.
Recommend and hire a lumberjack from the silver you are starting with.
and put him to work. you have 3 weeks of food in the colony so u don't need to worry immediately.
The player. starting quest or Build the fireplace/bed.
normally you will find some food and some weapons on the Discovered the immediate area (easy) so this is good to start with. also this will unlock the specialty of your colony. and maby its better to mine stone and selling it to get more wood faster. the outpost is always trades resources.
all colonists has +- Modifiers on their wood ,stone and a food specialty.

Quests are easy, medium or hard
easy quests are non playable meaning you just get a rapport on the following weeks quest post
but it can give your colony important info and items/resources.
on medium and hard you get a special "quest" post. always starting on Tuesday
normal lasting 4-10 days with a post a day. you have a option to do playable or passive
during or before the quest staring but you need to inform me or a different player to do your move.
on medium and hard you will need armor and weapons to go on. you will get better loot on
playable quests. but you can get hurt also.
the game has a colony file where the combat rules are. it will always be linked in the quest post.

Only real rule in the game is participation.
you need to comment on the Monday post what you plans are the following week
u have a few days to do your turn normally a start making the new post on Fridays. Lack of participation will result in your up vote being removed. and your colony will be removed.
if you are not sure what to do just ask in the comment or jump over tho the discord. Questions are expedited. and Appreciated
to jone just comment or go to

Overview over all Colones. and quest Rules

how workers are working update here is the post on the matter.

new armor classes



I was worried about joining but it was a great move to grow my account in a fun way

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nice to here out of ingame :)

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