The up vote miner and how it works.

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The up vote miner.

its a free to play mini game aimed to increase your earnings with minimal effort. The game is a easy Rpg format. where you get a few choices how to play it, with different difficult level and how much time you need. when you are doing a chose you will get Reward for your efforts.


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  • The first time you are entering the game you will get added to the auto up vote with a starting up vote of 10% over time you can grow your up vote. or if you are only playing one time you will keep it.
  • your character is a virtual one chose one of the available job, after your first turn you will get Taged in the next post. with your current up vote level. in the next post you can chose a different job if you like to. every post s a new "game"
  • The Gold mine your comment will get a 70-100% up vote.
  • TheLumberjack adding a +3% on your auto up vote every time. and get a up vote your comment.
  • Soldier you will go out to attack bandits camps. The camps is vary in degree of difficulty, the harder the camp the more Reward you can get by completing a successful attack. you can get gold, up vote values , Steambasicincome scares or steem transfered to your account. if you fail you will still get your comment up voted.

  • The same camp can be attacked by more then one player.

  • multiplayer has normally better Rewards and it Demanding more of the players.

items and combat

  • The Soldier has two attack using the @ rollthedice its a one hit system the bandids has no attack.
    1-3 is a hit and 4-6 is a miss

  • The amulet you have a option to use a amulet it will give you and +1 to hit. now using the
    @ rollthedice and now 1-4 is a hit, and 5-6 is a miss this will lower how much Reward you get. if you are successful.


Example comments

  • Am going to be a gold miner. (then a will respond and give you the Reward)
  • The Soldier

  • am attacking the Second bandit camp. @ rollthedice

Shake shake shake, you roll the 6-sided die.

You rolled a 6

  • hit the bandit is down. you get the Reward
  • in the post the info on the camps how many bandits is it "multiplayer" , Reward will always be written in the post. the bandit camp can be changed.



photos from pixabay

  • Taging the players and the up vote value

@cyber.explorer (up vote level 10%)
@creativetruth (up vote level 10%)
@ecoinstant (up vote level 25%)
@methus (up vote level 10%)
@happyme (up vote level 19%)
@stever82 (up vote level 19%)
@hhayweaver (up vote level 13%)
@ligayagardener (up vote level 10%)
@enjoycompany (up vote level 10%)
@enosh (up vote level 10%)
@mastergerund (up vote level 10%)
@stuffbyspencer (up vote level 10%)
@moncia90 (up vote level 10%)


  • you can increase you up vote level by Delegation.

+3% up vote. Cost 30 SP
if you are Delegation inform me in the comments or on Discord

Steem power The gold is the keep the account always over 80 power to ensure and stable up vote. The darkland account has and up vote trail with all the users and Steambasicincome.

  • Random player using spare power on the players by up voting comments. and larger post up votes.


  • To get your post up voted you need a minimum of 45 Reputation when entering
  • it for some Reason you will drop under 45. you can loos your up vote.

The First post will come soon.
See you then.



I am in. Can I change professions? Can I start as a lumberjack and change to a solder?
I will leave my delegation at 40.

yes you can. cool on the delegation :)

I've left my 80.739 SP with you. Should I make it a multiple of 30?

I am going to be a lumberjack! I am going to put my delegation at 150 SP ;)

excellent :)

Do we need to stay with a choice of character or can we try the different ones?
I don't know if I want to be a lumberjack or a soldier.

every post is a new game. so you can change it yes.

I will join up again I will leave my delegation at 90 to start.

cool a have added it to you. for now its staying where it is. but when the first one is coming its going to the correct level.

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