4409 is here on Steemit :)

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4409 is a Youtube channel devoted to activism and truth. Confronting Pirates and Exposing Hypocrisy!! We have been around for years and have over 80 million views on Youtube. It may take awhile to figure this Steemit thing out so please cut us some slack. !


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killer, glad to see you here , looking foward to your Liberty related content that alot of people remember so well...C9owb2eXgAAvXy4.jpg


Funny, thanks.

Been a fan of yours for years... was saddened when you went inactive. So happy to see you reemerge here on Steem! Welcome, and keep exposing those land pirates!

If you post youtube links here on your posts or in comments, they will appear with player. And also, now you can also go to @dtube site and log in with this same steemit account, and start uploading some of your content there as well to not be subject to youtubes abuse/monopoly any longer. Bitchute is another good new video platform that allows creators to monetize without fear of censorship.

The looks on this dudes face in your fruit nazi video has me crying every time..classic

Hahahaha awesome.... "Where you comin from?" 😂

"Who?" hahahah🤣🤣🤣

best thing I've seen all day. Welcome to Steemit @rr4409

Thank you :)

Sounds awesome. I've followed and resteemed you to 20k followers. Best of luck. If you would like to get interviewed and get some extra help getting started please find me in Discord.

Welcome to Steem!

I have a photo of your I-40 billboard (circa 2010) somewhere! So glad you guys are on the steem blockchain!

Thanks :)

This is an ideal place for your channel, being watching you on YouTube for a while, thanks for joining us.

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why was this comment hidden due to low rating? @corbettreport @adamkokesh i thought you guys might understand Steemit better

UPLOAD VIDEOS IN MP4 FORMAT if you want them to work on D-tube... Good luck!

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Don't really know what that means yet but thank you :)

Welcome and you can figure out much more here https://discord.gg/CN9Gb4m

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voted for ya..peace

well if the Dtube doesn't work don't take it personally.