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RE: My daily routine as a curator and poster on Steem

in #routine5 years ago

Jesus. I guess I shouldn't feel bad about messaging you on, at least I don't send you 70 messages without a response.

Also, did you just bored with playing Fortnite? I really should try out some CS:GO, especially since I have skins for guns yet I haven't actually played it. Makes sense, right?


It was fun when I was streaming but I don't like those battle royale games that much at the end of the day. :P

Still on my old PC so can't stream CS:GO unfortunately, hopefully soon.

and yeah, the most annoying part about having so many spammers on chat is missing messages from people you actually wanna talk with. T_T

Honestly, the game is wayyy more fun when you're playing with friends. I honestly don't like the solo mode very much on there. Maybe at some point in the future you could try and get Strawhat or one of your other friends to play with you and see if it's more fun for you.

Wait, really? Didn't you already purchase your replacement? Or, did something happen with that?

Ah, I honestly feel like I'd probably start blocking people who spam you so they can't continue. That truly does seem annoying as all hell. Don't feel bad about not seeing/responding to me, I just send you silly dumb shit most of the time, lol.

Yeah been thinking about blocking but it would seem overly rude thing to do, maybe I can create an alt account and only let some people know that its mine. :P

Just call yourself TotallyNotAcidYo. No one would ever guess that.

lol, or Acidno

Acidnah, Acidjo, Acidlo, Acidnao, Acidnu, Acidnnyaa.

I can't believe I just looked up a bunch of the words for no in foreign languages for this dumb ass joke.

rofl, dedication.

Sure, lets call it that!

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