My daily routine as a curator and poster on Steem

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Hey everyone!

A lot of people have been asking me lately what my day to day looks like knowing I spend most of my time here on the platform so I thought I'd write a post displaying what it is I usually do.

All these activities may not be daily but I try to tend to them at least once a week.

Usually after I've woken up, made some coffee and put on a nice song I open up my chat tabs which include, Slack and Discord. I take a quick peek at any new direct messages I may have received from users, especially new ones. The amount of spam that is there right now kind of makes it hard to notice messages now and then, there is a big amount of users who just post their links into messages and feel it is an okay thing to do even after having explained to them. Worst part is that many of those are from older Steemians who should know better, this is what my looks like lately:

Some of them I've completely given up on and can't be bothered to check as I know its just links upon links. Then there are quite a few popular channels on I like to chat in with some nice people, although that has been a bit dramatic lately as well and looking to move from channel to channel. Haven't really had the time to follow up what is going on there really.

I then check slack quick on if there have been any new discussions going on or if there is anything I can input some extra information about and then I move over to discord to mainly check on the OCD team and how things are going there.

After all the chats are done, I usually take a look at my Feeds and see if anything interesting has been posted.

Since @ocd and their nominations and resteem usually take most of my daily voting power I don't spend as much time lately to curate manually on undervalued posts but still check up on the nominations the team have found.

After lunch I usually take some time to look at my coin portfolio, I tend to trade some profits into coins that are looking cheap at any given day and re-diversify here and there. Read up some news about cryptocurrencies on the appropriate tags on Steemit but also on the few popular cryptocurrency subreddits. I am also interested in new and upcoming currencies that offer something new to the existing blockchain solutions, although I don't really powerdown to invest in them since I strongly believe Steem is still very undervalued, I do spend some Steem Dollars from posting rewards on them but that is also mainly to profit short-term to be able to increase my Steem Power before Steem shoots up. I'm sure I am not the only one that does that, how else would you explain the ~40 mil Steem on exchanges yet so little of it on Sell orders. ;)

A lot of time goes usually into that and the rest goes into a few Steem projects I've been working on on the side lately to plan them out to the end and fine-tune them daily. I'm hoping to be able to announce them soon and find the right people to work on them while still being able to continue with OCD and be able to fund the projects in the future.

On my free time I like to do some gaming, lately its been mainly CS:GO competitive matchmaking. I tend to think the gaming keeps my brain active and at the same time its a change of pace from Steem related stuff.

I usually finish off the day with a couple posts. I have some re-occurring posts like the Steem Fantasy Premier League where I share the rewards with participants and am building up some nice rewards for the end of the season in my savings account. The Steem-meme battles have also been a nice addition and it seems like the Steem platform could really use them as many don't seem to realize how to meme. ;) I'm sure it will get better over time though.

Rest of the time is usually spent on chats with some regular usernames trying to be funny, having some nice discussions but also talking about the future and some other cryptocurrency discussions.

I fairly enjoy the time I spend on Steem lately and I wouldn't change it for any other crypto or job out there. :)


Wow, I couldn't imagine my looking like that. I would never want to check any messages.

Do you need a secretary Acid? I can offer my services for quite a small fee.

lol, I've been thinking about that quite a few times actually, maybe with the next pump I could afford one. ^^

Then you got a rival mate!

Very interesting to get some insight into your routine . Sounds like an awesome start of the day with music and Steemit. Like being in cloUd nine hehe. Btw you are frome Finland, am I right ? In that case I need to ask are you perhaps a night owl 🦉Hehe?

I think it's a good idea to take some SBD like you say and plant it onto other fields as well. You can always use the yields to reinvest in Steemit later.

Another question. Do you ever feel like you over Steem ? What I mean does it sometimes cause you stress which makes it less fun and if yes what is your solution?

Yeah my sleeping rhythm has been screwed up lately, its also a bummer that most of the interesting news happen in U.S time. :P

Yeah I've been noticing some days that I spend too much time here and get all grumpy and hate everyone, especially on chats, haha. Helps to take a break and do something else when you realize that like watch a movie or some TV Shows.
I've also noticed some fatigue lately and that I'm most motivated to post in the morning after I wake up and during later times feel too tired to write full posts.

Hehe I think your advice is good. To completely let it go for a while and focus on something else.

I also have a problem with the time and like you mention most things happen in US time. That is usually when it's night here or early morning when works starts for me here in China.

When i started steemit it was the same for me too, i didnt sleep in three weeks i just wanted to work hard it screwed my health though

You are certainly blessed to have your chats like that and people look upto you !!

Lol, chat room looks very messy... :D
but you should be grateful, that means they need a little help from you, it seems you have to provide coffee, cigarettes, while reading one by one....😅😅😅

Lol you mean that? They were sending raw links lol

Keep up the good work! I especially appreciate what your doing for the OCD community and Fantasy Premier League!


Thanks :)

Well your day is spent mainly sacrificially before you event get to do your things, speaks so much volume about you. For once i never knew you were the brain behinde @ocd, well something i want to do too in the nearest future.

Ah the game time, i remember you still owe me a beer 😝😝😝😝

Reading this post make me believe your now humanbot ☺, so much dedication, there are other people like me who spend almost all day but hardly able to do anything productive

Your seems pretty active - it would have been fun if you hadn't blurred out the names :D
nice knowing about the life of a master curator. for me, i find handling steemit with a full time job can be difficult, but gotta say its quite addictive and it keeps pulling me back!

You are one of my favorite steemians @acidyo because of your focus on curating undervalued content creators.
You seem to be nice Like neoxian and aggroed.

I get that all the time and I am like dude my .01 cent upvote is worth the risk of a down vote. I couldn't imagine how bad it is with your power. I feel like 99% of the people that do that are really young and ignorant. Your post shined light on the spam people create to make an extra penny.

Any ways enough of my ranting, Nice post Acid

Do you mean to say that steemit and investing in cryptocurrency is your only job? If so, I envy you sir. Well I guess I envied you anyway but now doubly so.

For now yes, but I want to start my own bigger projects soon that will be working on the Steem blockchain. :)

I only launched my discord server a couple of months ago and i have to agree with you... the levels of spam are just insane. It would be great if more people actually had a real appreciation for the fact that managing a server and seeing to everyone's queries and requests is time consuming enough without still have to sift through all the link drop messages.

And Yes, it is also quite shocking to see the Spammy activity and behaviour of some very well established steemians.

I love Steemit as well. It is a great platform. I try to post everyday and read as many posts as i can. I love commenting on people's creative posts

Jesus. I guess I shouldn't feel bad about messaging you on, at least I don't send you 70 messages without a response.

Also, did you just bored with playing Fortnite? I really should try out some CS:GO, especially since I have skins for guns yet I haven't actually played it. Makes sense, right?

It was fun when I was streaming but I don't like those battle royale games that much at the end of the day. :P

Still on my old PC so can't stream CS:GO unfortunately, hopefully soon.

and yeah, the most annoying part about having so many spammers on chat is missing messages from people you actually wanna talk with. T_T

Honestly, the game is wayyy more fun when you're playing with friends. I honestly don't like the solo mode very much on there. Maybe at some point in the future you could try and get Strawhat or one of your other friends to play with you and see if it's more fun for you.

Wait, really? Didn't you already purchase your replacement? Or, did something happen with that?

Ah, I honestly feel like I'd probably start blocking people who spam you so they can't continue. That truly does seem annoying as all hell. Don't feel bad about not seeing/responding to me, I just send you silly dumb shit most of the time, lol.

Yeah been thinking about blocking but it would seem overly rude thing to do, maybe I can create an alt account and only let some people know that its mine. :P

Just call yourself TotallyNotAcidYo. No one would ever guess that.

lol, or Acidno

Acidnah, Acidjo, Acidlo, Acidnao, Acidnu, Acidnnyaa.

I can't believe I just looked up a bunch of the words for no in foreign languages for this dumb ass joke.

after seeing your chat screen now i know why i didnt get any feedback :D
much luck with it :P

Blem routine is blem, It may even be more blem than tellin people how blem their shit is while spreading the word of blem.

Hay I understand something about you. Hay you had started with a morning and end. It's really great to that you do more engaged in finding the new information and it's good that you do respond to the comment that u had get... And its OCD that is you are more engaged and I learnt a lot from here, thank you

Now you also addicted of chat and steemit Platform....and we also dont wanna give a chance to runaway...lols
Anyway simply...()

Very interesting your daily schedule i read successfully @acidyo. You're the my favorite steemian in this platform. You give quick feedback without any delay. You always try to develop steemit platform with new steemians. You giving attractive rewards to another steemians. OCD doing great curation support it's awesome task did i see.

I really like to attend your Steem Fantasy Premier League match prediction game and meme battle very fun and most creative condition giving me by you. Absolutely I salute you always sir. Another ways you stay great peaceful country in the world. Thank you again for your support. Wish you the best for developing most tasks future.

i spend much time on steemit

I enjoyed reading your post. There is a lot of good stuff.

I've never been in steem chat, sounds spammy

I really need your support @acidyo
Help Upvote @bustamam

they should be polite to communicate with others, not his post link spam in it's very annoying to others. people who are old but how to communicate them wrong!

Very good way to end a day. Keep the hard works going.

Thank you for sharing a very interesting experience. And successfully become a curator. Help me to grow faster
Best regards @bustamam

You are a full time steem pro.

amazing post @acydio, i don not have community

This was a great read, thanks for that I got some good insight on how a successful steemian goes about his day. @acidyo

good job bro! we pray for you, Have a nice day

I am Very interested to your all post keep it up @acidyo 👍👍

Daily Learn some new from your post. Love to read it.

Woah that's awesome!! Starting the day with Coffee, music and Steemit, that sounds so damn cool. I don't have a routine for Steemit, whenever i get some free time, instead of wasting it browsing the Facebook feed i hangout here reading, commenting and learning new things every day.

Well i also thinks that steem is very very Undervalued right now as compared to those garbage cryptocurrencies that doesn't have any good technology behind them and just rise their value by pumping and at the end we got our money stucked their,but steem is the only coin that i found which really has a realistic value among it's users,so iam sure a great bright future ahead for steem and steemit :)

when i join a steemit i spend less time on steemit but now i spend 6 hours on this platform

Thanks for giving the chance to enjoy this beautiful news!!

This is such a great reading for us new people on this platform. Thank you very much for sharing. :)

To take a proper break is to get away from computers and television. Gaming if I understand right is computer games? This still keeps your brain active and working overtime and it contributes to your fatigue. The best way to relax is to go outside away from all the 'chats and links,' take a stroll through the garden or down the street, this is true relaxation., your brain will also take a well-deserved break.
Try it!

It seems like a productive routine you have there. I love gaming too, but never really played CS:GO. I've played some of Assassin's Creed. FIFA etc.

I start my day with Steemit and a good cup of coffee also. Then it is off to work on things here, mainly the office trailer we are remodeling to live in. Then in the evening after shower then it is quiet time, I sit and read blog posts and such.

I often wonder how some curators can manage life and work and steemit at the same time, it seems almost superhuman, so this was an interesting insight into the procedure, tho yours is a special case since you've delegated the work/SP to others and you are now more into the business of macromanaging.

Great insight @acidyo wish I could one day do the same whilst traveling the world, can I ask what slack channel you are on? I wouldnt mind partaking in some of the discussion

Woooow, and here I'm thinking using the ocd-resteem tag more than once would be annoying, or when I tagged you that one time! Here your opening up your chat to that every morning!! 😂😂😂

Hey @acidyo, thanks for sharing this. Going to try to make some memes asap!

I really thought you have kids with you. lol 😂

Thanks for sharing. It's always awesome to see a sneak peak into the life and habits of the rich and the famous, but in all seriousness. Makes me a little glad I'm not rich and famous when I see the amount of chat spam you have.

I've been an active Steem user for a while. Have had a hard time gaining any traction. Is it worth getting on Steemit chat and start talking to users and getting myself out there a little bit?

i'd be interested to know which tools you use for curating and about how long you spend each day. I'm trying to be more organized for this but i find between dms and chat i often waste much time.

I like Steemit as well. It is a good platform. I try to post everyday and read as many posts as i can.

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