Spotlight: MediaOfficials - Real World Applications and Communities add value to FreedomEx and RocketEx!

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As we build out our full suite of solutions, including FreedomEx and RocketEx Accelerator, we want to be sure we are taking the time to explain the full value-add that this brings to our STEEM ecosystem. Therefore, this post is the first in a series designed to look from all sides at what is coming - what is being built!


Smart Media Tokens is the STEEM dream - a chance to bring Proof of Brain to any community - to ‘tokenize the internet’. The original SMT whitepaper encouraged many to think beyond the possibilities of or other simple front-end condensers, and imagine an entire internet of tokenized communities!

A smart contract layer offers those that have been waiting for SMT’s a chance to begin, and there are MANY projects out there that have been waiting. We got connected with a company that have been waiting 18 months for SMT launch, and they are more eager than ever to get started with token-incentivization for their community.

I am talking about Media Officials, a Content Network that is focused on the well being of life on Earth and the health of the Planet.

Soon to be Powered by STEEM!

We have partnered with Media Officials to help them achieve their goal - to motivate millions of people to engage, contribute and support climate change solutions. We are currently working with them to build out 34 STEEM-powered sites that will use Media Officials Token to pay members for content, community building and taking action through voting and fact checking.

From their website:

‘Media Officials mission is to cover, create, prioritize and promote stories that affect the wellbeing of life on earth and the health of the planet. Media Officials brings these stories into the mainstream as headlines by blending coverage with more popular trending topics to reach wider audiences. Media Officials covers urgent and important topics like climate change, human rights and politics through fact based journalism while exposing misleading news, sources and false facts.’

Teaming up with Media Officials is one of the main reasons behind launching DappNet!

News, Journalism, and more Practical content from whitelisted authors will be featured on Media Officials Sites

DappNet - Decentralized Smart Contract Platform

To build solutions for the next generation of internet communities we need a decentralized protocol that allows modification and invention of smart contracts. We cannot wait on a private entity to decide when they will release new features, we need to be able to build, launch and test them fast. Templated smart contracts must be open source so that each new application on-boarded is easier than the last.

We also cannot abide an expensive or ever-changing pricing structure - we must develop on the best practices of Delegated Proof of Stake systems, and allow staking to be sufficient for the use of network resources.

STEEM-as-Infrastructure has the power to empower not only Media Officials, but also many other applications, communities, games and more. And ROX stakers will share in a success pool consisting of 25% of the monthly support fees paid by those that launch through the RocketEx accelerator program, which includes token listing on FreedomEx, access to our fiat gateway and more.

There is so much potential with STEEM-as-infrastructure, and our team will continue to develop, build and push based on our values of Freedom, Liberty and Openness. We build the future we want to see!

Follow @rocketex for more exciting updates as we move forward with more pieces of this puzzle! And be sure to stake your ROX today!

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