Smart robots can open the door to many possibilities, the same can be caused by panic

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Day by day people are moving towards the end of the development. The discovery of various tools required to make everyday work easier. The robot is at the top. Robot has been manipulated by human intelligence and thinking systems. As a result, efforts are being made to give robots to people's work. Many have succeeded in many cases. Nowadays smart robots are being used for many purposes.

After 100 years, there will be many changes in the way of life, which can not be imagined. Most important role will be artificial intelligence. Smart robots (artificial intelligence) can open the door to many possibilities, on the one hand, the same can be caused by panic. If the artificial intelligence created by human beings begins to control humans without listening to human direction, then it will be the reason for the destruction of mankind!

Nowadays, robot technology is being used in the drone. But by the time the drone may be turned into a day in a missile. Basically for some reason, if the intelligence of artificial intelligence takes place, then at any time the catastrophic catastrophe may come down in the world. It is normal for people to be concerned about artificial intelligence (AI) or artificial intelligence.International security experts say that if this technology is a defective state, who does not care for international laws, or goes to terrorists with criminals, then it can be a major misuse. For this reason, when this artificial intelligence is being created, its inventors should also create things that do not misuse it, but even then it should be arranged to deal with them.

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People are afraid of automation through robots and digitalization of the processes. We are in the middle of the process of call 4 digital revolution! But as a result of them, many facilities and many possibilities are born, you just have to go mutating to the
new concepts, new ways of making a living!

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AI will allow humans to focus on my creative problem solving rather than being focused on mundane repetitive work.

Yes you are right. Thank you for your valuable comments.

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Thank you So much for your valuable comments.

Robots will help in the development of societies but one thing must be kept in mind that excessive dependence on robots will be fatal for humans in many ways.

Thank you So much for your valuable comments.

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