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First I wrote that the circles are Robo-Latte art:

Then I announced that they were man-made because I believed that they were caused by the two sugar cubes the bartender added:

Suddenly @j3dy replied and said that these circles are made from the machine and that the only thing which gets circles from sugar are the teeth and the liver:

So today I went out to find the truth! I went to the bar and ordered. While the machine processed the request and steamed like a tiny A-Train I watched. Ha! 

Two circles were formed prior to the sugar adding which makes one thing clear as the air on a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean:

It's Robo-Latte Art! 

Then I checked j3dy on the Internet and found this:

Wow, to a great scientist an a great robo-latte artist! Cheers!

shla-rafia 2017 

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The drink coffee enjoy my friend


You too :)

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