Rubik's Cub Milano (1st and 2nd league match)

In the last episode I talked about Cube. In this phase, I will match the cross and F2L's first layer and the second layer moplano. Let's start.

1. (A) First layer (first cross)

Cross matching will be like the right of the image. That is to say, the center layer of the middle layer and the color of the middle layer of the layer layer should be done by itself. This step should be done manually .;) (There is nothing to be afraid of, because for a few minutes you can understand how to get a piece of the cross.)

1. (B) First layer (Corner piece)

There are many different types of layouts in this step, but the number is left to the number (1), (2). What to do for the rest, it will be brought to the bottom layer like the above figure (1), (2). Then, according to the position, the following moves have to be given. (The following moves are the way to solve different positions according to the image number above.)
(1) D'R'DR
(2) R’D’R
(3) FDF’D’D’R’DR

(3) In the case of (4), (5) No. PIS should take the bottom layer. (Move sequence is given to bring down the 4,5.) Then move the same way.
(4) R'D'RDDLD'L '

If the side of the layer is below the layer then
(5) R'D'D'RDDFD'F '

So .. our first layer cross is matching.
B.D: While working on the first layer, the bottom layer can be made as happy; Keeping this in mind, some shortcut algorithms can be found manually, which can help reduce time during speedkubing.

Reverse the cube when the first layer is over. Generally, white is in the lower layer and on top of the yellow layer.

  1. Matching Middle Layer Middle Pieces:

Possible three types of positions

The job of this layer is very simple. However, there are times when the situation is like a picture (3), then, (1) number move should be given in such a way that another piece occupies the position of the reverse piece. As a result, the PC will again come back to the top layer and we can use it again (1) or (2) to take it to the right place.
First make the following as the cockroach.
If the piece is the middle edge of the left, then give the following algorithm
(1) U'L'ULUFU'F '

If Piece is the Middle Piece, then give the following algorithm

(2) URU'R'U'F'UF

Sometimes it may be like the following


Hmmm..It's the end of the twoelaar ... :) It may be that there is no problem to solve now, but the last layer is the most difficult because the other layers have to do all the work properly. Whatever - if you can use the algorithms properly, you can easily solve them.

The biggest problem in the 3rd layer is that it will not work for most of the time. So you have to move several times.

(In this case, the position of the pins will rotate in a sequence, but do not move higher than the stops :)

(These sequences can be understood only after practicing several times)

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