RobiniaSwap V2 DeFi Service Termination Notice

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Hello, this is Blokfield.INC.
Today, we discovered a code vulnerability in the PantherSwap contract that Blokfield.Inc initially forked.
The services that forked the PantherSwap contract are RobiniaV1 and YANABU Farm.
An attack was identified on the YANABU Farm contract today and is currently in the process of being resolved.
RobiniaV2 and WisteriaSwap are using their own upgraded contracts, but to minimize risk, we plan to stop issuing and proceed with liquidation.
It is possible to conduct further testing after the issuance is temporarily suspended, but since the testing process is also a high-risk operation, we decided to proceed with an early liquidation operation.
The Tx Fee has been changed from 2.2% to 0% in order to benefit holders even a little more during the early liquidation process.

A contract that can swap RV2 tokens to BUSD will be opened, and the assets held by the Treasury Fund will be sequentially converted to BUSD.

Detailed RV2 token liquidation will be provided separately.
Currently, all RV2 token issuance has been stopped, and we would appreciate it if you could unstake all the deposited assets and RV2 and wait for liquidation. The liquidity supply will be maintained for a certain period of time, and the liquidity supply will be removed before liquidation.

SP Delegate Farm users can withdraw delegation or wait for the release of STEEM-Finance.
STEEM-Finance plans to accelerate the opening schedule to this week as the RobiniaV2 service ends early.

thank you.

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