Robin Hood Whale Wants Your Help – You Can Be Part of the Team!

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Don’t call it a comeback! I’ve been here for...


That’s right, Steemit community – @robinhoodwhale is making a comeback! The RHW team is planning to relaunch within the next week and we’re looking for some great, committed curators to join us!

This isn’t going to be the same old Robin Hood Whale that you knew in the past. This project will be BIGGER and better than ever! We still want to help struggling users, but we’re also going to expand our efforts into exciting new initiatives and partnerships!

So what’s new with the RHW?

We’re so glad you asked!

We’ve been working on some new strategies that aren’t focused solely on individual rewards. We want to build up our community and make Steemit attractive to a wide variety of users. Helping out the little guy is still important to us, but one of the best ways to help is to foster an engaged community with a diverse user base. Making Steemit inclusive for all types of bloggers, readers, and social media butterflies is important to us!

So, with that in mind, we’ll be looking out for those less popular topics and categories where content creators may be doing great things, but may not be getting the proper attention. And we’ll also try to build up categories and topics on Steemit that may be doing great on other platforms but don’t really have a solid foundation here. Instead of all users trying to be involved in every category or tag, we’d like to see more sub-communities emerge and prosper with unique content and their own reputable users and leaders who can guide those communities.

Rest assured that @robinhoodwhale will always be there to help support those who need it! Seasoned users in new communities? New users in established communities? We’ve got you covered! Our goal is your goal – to make Steemit a thriving community that can increase its value as a social media platform...and increase the value of your STEEM!

If you think you can help us achieve our goals, let us know!

We want users who can join us on and who can remain active both curating and communicating with the rest of the RHW team. If you’re interested in being a part of this fantastic revitalized project, come talk with us! You can contact @bacchist in or join us in the RobinHood channel.

Together, we can achieve anything! The sky is the limit! Reach for the stars! Never give up on your dreams! Insert another cliché here ___ !

There’s a lot more information and more updates to come, so make sure that you follow us and help spread the word by Re-Steeming this post!

And remember: when you see that feathered cap, the pointy arrows, and a fin full of upvotes, you can sleep easy knowing that @robinhoodwhale is here to watch over you!

Happy Steeming to everyone!

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Welcome back! Looking forward to working together with you guys.


yes! of course :)

That's great! We are reaching many more authors than we were just 3 months ago. I would imagine our retention numbers are improving significantly!


I hope that's the case! It's time to take Steemit to the next level!

I'm new (only 3 days) here and a photographer and photographic artist.

I don't know how much time being part of this project would or what's involved so I'd like more info. But I do think that I could bring a lot of photographers, artist and models to steemit, in fact I have already referred a few today. I wish steemit had an affiliate program, overide or referral fee for bringing people.


Wow 3 days, congratulations and welcome to the community. What you want to know about steemit? Maybe I know the answer.

I will be following you because I love pictures even if I'm not a photographer. It feels like I am visiting lots of places throuhh it.


Thanks. I'm just wondering what is required to be part of what you're doing as I have a limited amount of time. But I love the idea of a platform for artists can get paid to show their work and would like see it grow in that area with lots of great content creators. Creatives have a hard time making a living so anything that helps them keep doing their art is a benefit to them and society in my opinion.


I'm not spending so much time in the platform but I never miss to post a single content everyday just to make my account active. I have a day job and I only spend a max of 3 hrs a day and that happens mostly at night.

But those days, when I joined the community, I could not imagine the time spent in steemit because of the rewards. I don't have knowledge on the technical part of the platform but we could not avoid it because we can see a lots of posts about it.

Before, I focus on acquiring rewards because I'm one of those family man who are having hard times providing the basic necessities of my family. But now I am enjoying the things that I do, the things that I wrote, the content I posted because I learned a lot from it.


Glad to hear it's been positive and beneficial for you.

I'm still learning and posting but I create specific content, plus I can see Sherwood Forest from my house so I have a link to Robin Hood already haha !


Hey, are you spying on us? At least come out and introduce yourself. Maybe bring some tea and crumpets?


I'm afraid i need a bit of guidance, i'm very new and learning and i'm trying to get my head around all of this. Cup of tea and crumpets offered in exchange !

This is awesome! It's so cool to see community members stepping up to help out creative people and the platform in general!


That's why we're here! Keep being creative and we'll keep finding that great content!

Upvoted, reestemed and already entered on the RobinHood channel. I will follow your new info posts and help this project. I definitely want that Steemit can grow in a proper way!


Excellent! We hope to work with you, if you can survive the RHW boot camp!


I must ask...what is RHW boot camp, btw? :)

Ah, if only I had more time to support this!
You can at least count on my appreciation and attention as you go about your good work! :)


That's just as good as helping the curation team! Thanks!

@robinhoodwhale for a while I wonder what happened to you guys - are the same people the same people involved in here? I wonder . Anyhow, it's nice to see you back helping once again!

Hi there! I am brand new to steemit and had no idea of the many intricacies involved in this community. I didn't know there was a steemit chat for instance (thank you). I clicked on the link-is the sign in the same as your steemit account? I find myself a wee bit nervous about doing anything in here without sufficient information :) I imagine a chat would be very helpful to my learning curve!


I felt the same -- no the sign in site is different - but everyone usually creates their new acct there w the same name they use here. And you get to pick your own p/w - I hope this helps you.


Thank you for the feedback @barrydutton @robinhoodwhale @ace108 ! The more I see of this community, the more I love it :)


It would be best to create an account on with the same user name you have here. That way other users can recognize you from both platforms.

@robinhoodwhale - I've been a regular Steemit reader since July but haven't posted any content yet. Is there any way I still could help in this effort? Please let me know!


Come chat with us in the channel linked in the post!

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Nice to know you are back. Please consider supporting the Steemitrecipes Daily Picks initiative. Thanks!

Glad to see this initiative rebooted! :)

Welcome Back!
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Show must go on! :)

Let's see about what steemians want to enjoy!
I will make a list! Resteemed!

This is so great to hear!!

I'm totally with you. Let me know if I can help you anyway.

Upvoted and resteemed!!!!

Upvoted! Thank you for promoting and curating quality content on Steemit!


Thank you for helping provide that content! Keep up the fine job!

Upvoted. Keep up the good work.

This is so great to hear!!

Thanks for the update

Yea, great work guys.

Definitely IN :)

Will this be coordinated with the SteemTrail effort? Will the topics be different than theirs or will there be overlap? I have been curating the @gardening-trail and the @foraging-trail, to help build communities focused on gardening and on foraging. There are also trails for music, travel, food, photography, and much more. Building communities around specific topics will really help people engage and stick around over the long term.


There will likely be some cross-over with certain ideas and initiatives. We'll have to see how things unfold, but it's looking promising so far!


I look forward to hearing more about it all. Topic based communities will be what holds folks together for the long run. So many other social media platforms have found that out.

I think this is a very smart move. I mean, people with great content and usually low $ from their post will be really happy to get a quick boost, but I also think that if people were more engaged in the subcommunities, they would stay longer, have more fun and eventually get more attention and therefore bigger rewards.

Great Idea, interested in Supporting :)


chekout my man "man"" for manual"

click into speaker

Definitely interested in supporting. Resteemed.

Oooo I will get on the chat first thing tomorrow!


We'll be waiting!

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It's great to have you back @robinhoodwhale.

Good idea. Resteemed it post. And will folow you.

Always willing to help the struggling little guy (or gal) seeing I am one of them!

Me encanta la propuesta que han hecho! espero también estén interesados en apoyar el contenido en español! un gran saludo desde Venezuela!

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