Hi @twinner thanks for sharing your thoughts about the future of Steem. I found it really interesting, that you see the future of Steem without its native reward token Steem or SBD. I guess could re-write the code for the reward-pool and replace it with a SMT, but therefore they would need to convince the top 20 Witnesses and the community behind them.
Right now, everybody is cheering about the upcoming second income stream of RC delegations. I don't think that users will let go of there Voting-Power to influence the rewards of Steem, because that is the whole point of DPOS. If you have a stake than your vote depends on the weight of your stake. If we would remove that function with one vote / one account that would destroy the main feature of DPOS. I also think that Oracles and Hiveminds are not on-chain codes but rather second layer coding???
But even with one vote / one account there still could be Votingbots programmed to collect vote-sellers and connect them to vote - buyers. The buyers would therefore pay a premium e.g. 10% for buying collected multiple votes from the sellers.
I hope that in general the work between and the Witnesses plus the community will improve more in the future. When the decision made for this Blockchain are based on more informed users and developers, than I think we would bring more quality and unity to the Steem Blockchain.
Thats why it is so great to see meetings like Steemfest. I truly want to go some day but this year is not working out for me so I wish all attendants a great and wonderful time together!!!
My guess for the Hattrick is: 76

MB is not a bidbot ;)

But regardless, I like the prediction that you made, if that would be accomplished, it would be a huge milestone for steem!

Let's talk about it at steemfest!

Some thoughts about STEEM
HF20 has been rolled out, and SMTs are coming in Spring 2019.

My assumption for the future is that with HF23, 24 or 25 the authors and curators rewards in SP and SBD or STEEM will be removed from the blockchain protocol and replaced by a SMT. From this point on, only Witnesses will receive new STEEM for block generation. The oracles currently being developed by Steemit to enable the "one account = one vote" strategy indicate this. This is then automatically the end of the bidbots and the Selfvoting fraudsters. Steem(Power) will only be needed for the operation of dApps and SMTs, but not worthless, because there should be a big rental market for the coin. But as I said, this is my vision of STEEM's future. What do you think about it? Let's just talk about it in Krakow.

The correct answer must be 42, because it’s the answer to everything ;-)

Looking forward to meeting you again!

42 is only half of the 84

I know some, that won‘t make it to SF3 (although they were in Amsterdam and Lisbon) - so maybe it‘s in the 50s region, but not much more. I‘m happily wrong, though ;-)

I think its 13!
edit: I say 39 instead! (changed 9:37 12.10.2018)

I go for the 64 =) a lucky number

13 is too low. If you check I see currently ...

I assume that @ned, @blocktrades, @pharesim, @arcange and some others will also do the Hattrick.

but 13 is my lucky number :O
okay. maybe i will change it later :)

It would be nice if 84 of 84 would visit 😊. And also me 😅...

My guess is 72 ✌️

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Good choice 72

My guess is 35.
See you at SF3.

Hehe, nice to meet you and @teamsteem at SF3. Just saw that you are also a July 2016 STEEM OG :-)

high five for both being july 2016 Steemians, twinner.

Looking forward for SF3 :)

Hi @twinner, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @reiseamatuer, @quineaker and @pcgargo don't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @reiseamateur, @quinneaker and @pgarcgo ?

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After using the Pareto-Formula my guess is 67 faithful steemians. Enjoy your trip!

67, very good choice. I would bet in the same region.

Forward to share some laughts with u again Menschhhhhhhh! 😘

Remember, I was the first man on earth paying a toilet visit with STEEM :-)

answer: 65

edit: changed to 66, because I don't want to share.

Than you should change (at least) once more :P

Bildschirmfoto 2018-10-13 um 10.16.01.png

I'm think there will be 71!
Happy to See and Meet u first time in Krakow! 💪

Good luck with the 71, and see you in Krakow :-)

65 seems reasonable - Looking forward to meet you there :)

I guess 62.

Looking forward to meet you there the first time :-)

I'm not on the list! Did you have to register somewhere to get that award? :D

Leider komme ich nicht... wird bestimmt grandios... viel Spaß euch allen! Ich tippe auf 52 Wiederkehrer. Für jede Woche einen ;-)

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Sehr schade, dann muss ich mir von den Zwillingen erzählen lassen, wie es auf dem Steem.Camp war :-)

Hihi - da fehlt dann natürlich einiges bzw. wird gaaaanz anders erzählt ;-) Nee, Spaß beiseite, die beiden sind super - Du wirst viel Freude mit ihnen und den anderen haben Steemcamp war wirklich einmalig. Wenn Krakau um die Ecke läge, käme ich auf ein zwei Bier vorbei ;-) viel Spaß

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My guess is 80.

I say it will be 69.

I guess there will be 63 Hattricks in Krakow, because nobody wrote down this number until now.

My guess is 69

61 it will be maximum. Enjoy

Thank you, if I checkt the steemfest/transfers, 61 will be very optimistic.

Pretty sure not alle attendees are visible via steamiest transfers though.

I don't know what you look like but see you there!

If you let me, I will introduce you to the Germans :)

That sounds awesome!

I’m going optimistic.. and going to say 79.. just cause 😄

See you in Kraków 😉

Hmm, 79 is a little bit to optimistic in my opinion. Feel free to edit your bet, will close it tomorrow. And wish you all the best for you speech at SF3 :-)

My guess is 67 (I have got this number in my bones!) :-) So it must be true!
No problem to share my win with @cobalus! :-)

I think it can be 22nd.

@twinner, why is the old logo still on the new Cards? I thought the new logo is now only to be used

I do not get the point of your comment. The shown tickets are from 2016 and 2017. The Logo of the STEEM Coin is still the same, only the Steemit branding has changed.

@twinner, My guess is a 66.
Hope to see grateful moment's photo clicks again of SF3.

I guess 59!

Hey , What’s the Steemfest ?I heard it first time and also How can a steemian join this event ? And I wonder what’s the date of event ?

You will find all info on

Thank you my dear friend 🙏

My bet is 54.

Only 51. It is a bear market.

61,8er Retracement :-) ?

Yep. Let's remember this.

I think there will be 53 :)
I wish you a great time at the Steemfest ;)

Thank you very much, 53 is noted.

Welcome back.

Thank you, but I was never away :-)

You're welcome.

I want to say that,your answer is correct it is must be 42,because of it is everything to ans.

68 .
See you at SteemFest! :)

Wtf, I forgot you to mention in the post. See you in 4 weeks :-)

I bet 47.

Good luck!

No more rewards for posting and curating in steem? In my opinion this would be bad for our community. But let's wait and see.

From this point on, only Witnesses will receive new STEEM for block generation.

What about the interest payment for your SP? The interest rate is only about 1 percent, but better than nothing.

No more rewards for posting and curating in steem? I my opinion this would be bad for our community.

No rewards in SBD / STEEM / SP, instead in SMT's. It's just the next logical step after SMT introduction. For instance it does not make sense to post content on Appics to earn XAP Tokens there, if you can post the same stuff on to earn STEEM or SBD. With working oracles Bidbots and Selfvoting are gone, and SP leasing for selfvoting is also not longer profitable. Only remaining fraud usecase is Sell-your-vote, but the vote sellers can be marked as bad actors in the oracle and could get no SMT Rewards. It's just my assumption, maybe I can catch @ned in Krakow to ask him about the long term strategy.

Catching ned in Krakow and talking to him directly is a good idea. Better than commenting after the event, lol. I hope he will give you the right answers. I hope we both will meet here in Munich soon.

@twinner, Good to hear that you are attending the SteemFest 3. And in my opinion SteemFest is biggest Event of Collaboration in Steem Economy. And most importantly when communities and individuals meet in person then professional bonding move towards more and more strengthening. And this time's SteemFest there will be too much excitement because we are slowly moving towards the SMT Economy. Hope and wish that you will going to have fun and productive time at SteemFest.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Thank you very much, let's hope that the SMT's will come in Spring next year :-)

Welcome and let's hope for the best. 🙂

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Gute Reise und viel Spaß.....

Man, I sure wish that I could make this fest. I keep seeing all of the posts and it's making me a bit envious.

Steem(Power) will only be needed for the operation of dApps and SMTs, but not worthless, because there should be a big rental market for the coin.

I need to learn more about this. It kind of freaks me out a bit and makes me worry that the value of steem will drop like a hotcake if this happens. Not because it should, but because of fear from those who don't understand the implications.

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