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Wow and again it has been a while now that I had time to check in with you guys here on Steemit!! Things have been crazily wild in my life lately so I apologize and try to be better the next weeks ;)

So as @anomadsoul and @blocktrades where asking about our budget plans to go to Thailand with a new topic for the series of #roadtosteemfest, I decided to join in again!


Budgeting and investment!

As @waybeyondpadthai says correctly in her post budgeting for sure is not just you wanna come join Steem Fest 4 and you just come fly straight when the event starts and go back afterwards. It's way more than that.

Plane ticket

As many of you may know @gtg was able to negotiate a deal with Star Alliance to get some discounts on tickets to Bangkok for Steemfest. - I used that offer and got a really good price on my ticket with just EUR 547.45 for a direct flight MUC-BKK-MUC

Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-05 um 13.12.18.png


I didn`t book an accommodation yet, but from experience I will spend between 5 and 15EUR per night for a dorm bed or shared private room in a hostel close by. Would be nice to stay together with a few fellow steemians like @martibis @livinguktaiwan etc. to get the party going also after the event ;)



Food and beverages are really inexpensive in Thailand. When @martibis and I visited Bangkok last time we went really often to a place called 20 Baht place, because there you get a whole plate of Pad Thai, fried rice etc. for just 20 Baht.

As you can see, the food is amazingly cheap and super tasty!! I just love it there! Smoothies are equally inexpensive, so I am not counting more than 10EUR as absolutely maximum per day for food.


Most of the steemians don`t just come for 5 days and fly back home, but make a whole holiday out of it. Which by the way is also why we started a group on Telegram to organize an after stay at Koh Chang for who ever wants to conquer the island with us :) Feel free and say hi:


The transfer to this island is inexpensive and so are the hostels. Depending on the activities and lifestyle it will cost more or less. I am not planing with more than 30EUR a day to stay there and that is the absolute maximum.

And of course, the Steem Fest ticket itself

That you can already buy directly on the updated website.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-05 um 11.34.21.png

Thanks to @knozaki2015 I already got mine. He is supporting a lot of people, mostly based in Asia, so they are able to come to Steemfest 4. The first lucky 5 out of 10 people winning a ticket are @yoshiko @fusan @jimmyconway @rocketgirl and @kinakomochi . I didnt exactly win one of the other 5 tickets, but he was still so kind to support me buying on adding the missing steem I needed without powering down on my account. So from today on I am officially going 100% to Steemfest4 !!!

Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-05 um 11.32.16.png

Thanks a lot @knozaki2015 !!! You made my day and I am already looking forward to see you again in Bangkok and thank you in person for that!

So all in all I count with an maximum of 547.45 EUR (flight), 195EUR (accommodation for 13 nights), 130 EUR (food for 13 days), 60 EUR(transfer return to Koh chang), 100 EUR (extra activities at the island) and 110EUR (in my case for steemfest ticket, since @knozaki2015 helped me out with the rest)

I am still trying to save up the money to make the most out of my travels in November. For now I am just glad I do have the flight ticket and the Steemfest ticket ;) Ether way I can still hitchhike to the places, put up my hammock instead of sleeping in a bed and eat toasties all day .. the good thing is that in Thailand everything is possible haha - I am so excited to meet all the other attendees there! And hope a lot of you will join in as well at the after stay.

Also it seems like the @steemitworldmap team will be almost complete at the event and @martibis is already working on our little presentation to present you the exciting news for the future steps.

So stay tuned, get your ticket and I see you in Bangkok ;)



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Ja aber bei dem kommst du erst am 6 an. Will dieses mal früher da sein. Hab ja schon gebucht ;) alles 😊

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Ja eh, darum dachte ich hier an deine Leser·innen, die noch nicht gebucht haben. Und das könnte auch für dich interessant sein:

Danke dir :)

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Hurray, you're already in!! Thanks for this very helpful post!! I haven't booked anything yet, but I hope to figure out how to do it and see you on SF4 😃

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Yes I see you there!!! This time we hang out more ;)

That would be awwwsome!! :D

Don't think I can manage hostels or too much partying , but am definitely gonna be there!

The hostel we were staying at last time was actually pretty comfortable and perfect to chill. I am not much into partying neither. But it would be nice to hang out with good food, maybe a beer or two, have chill music on and just chat ;)

Definitely on!

It's so nice that you are already sure of going! I really want to join especially now that it's in Thailand and Thailand is so close to Malaysia. Im still working out my budget and hopefully can lower my expense.
@awesomianist and I are thinking of getting a room at the Prince Palace Hotel and share it with other Steemians. That way our expense can be reduced.

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Oh you are so close! You have to come ;) That sounds like a solid plan, although hostels are way less expensive than hotels in Thailand. Depends on how you like to travel I guess ;)

We are considering hostels too if there's any in the area. I still haven't finish my research yet 😉

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Let me know where you are staying. maybe we can gather a few others and conquer the hostel with people from Steemit ;)

Sure! 😃 Will come out with my budgeting soon

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Great !!! I would like to come too but I am not sure I will!!

Noch billiger, aber mit jeweils 2x umsteigen, dauert dadurch auch länger:


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