Planning a surprise for SteemFest

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Before the location of this year's SteemFest was announced, I was doubting to go .... or not to go. When it was announced it would be in Bangkok, it was a no brainer, doubting immediately became planning! SteemFest here I come at last!!!

For me, this year seemed like the timing was right. I joined a few months just before SteemFest2 and was still trying to find my way around this 'thing' called Steemit. I don't think I would have gone even if SteemFest was held on my doorstep that year. Last year SteemFest3 was held in Krakow. I had briefly considered whether I should even think about going. When it was announced, the date clashed with a pre book holiday, so my dilemma was solved immediately.

During this year, I have made quite a bit of progress on Steemit. For example, my involvement in the communities, getting to know more online friends better, broadening the scope and variety of content produced, and of course repping up and growing my followers and wallet. I hate going to parties, not knowing anyone and being a nobody. Yet, all these achievements gives me the the much needed boost in confidence, as I have proved to myself and the community that I've survived two years here, and have managed to make a bit of progress. I think I can claim to be part of a community that actually contributes instead of being a nobody.

Anyway, now I've definitely confirmed I'm going to SF4, planning with start soon. Luckily for me, planning will be quite simple that's why I haven't really started yet. Here's what's involved:

I think Bangkok is about 4 or 5 hours away by flight. I haven't checked to be honest, but Malaysia was 4 hours last year and they're clustered nearby so I'm guessing its around the same

None needed. One less thing to worry about

There are quite a few budget airlines that fly from Taiwan to Bangkok. I think my local airport might even have a direct flight, so that will save me travelling 2 hours into the main international airport in Taiwan. The other year I had looked into going to Bangkok for holiday and I think the flights were around USD130. Hopefully they will be around the same now. I think I may have some airline points lurking around somewhere. If I do, that will save me quite a bit.

I had a look at the official accommodation when the announcement came out. I think the rooms were around USD60+ for a double if I remember correctly. If I can share with someone, that will reduce my costs by quite a lot.

Entrance ticket
That's the biggest unknown cost for me so far. I heard last year's cheapest ticket was around USD300, hopefully this year won't be too high.

From memory (which is ageeeeees since I last went) Bangkok isn't a too expensive city. And I think SteemFest entrance covers meals (I hope!) So unless I go shopping mad (which is quite likely to happen) I think there will be limited spending. Anyway, budget wise, I think I should be ok.

Ok the biggest part of planning for SteemFest is actually a surprise that I have for everyone. Well not everyone, but for the people I'm going to meet, which I hope will be a lot. Since it's a surprise, I can't tell you what it is. But if you follow my blog, you might get a little bit of idea. It does involve quite a lot of planning and work, and I've started on that already. I'm hoping that my plan will come together and I'll be able to bring it with me to Bangkok. Wanna know what my surprise is? Come to SteemFest and find out!

So that's about it so far. Wanting and doubting is a thing of the past. Planning will be coming.

Can't wait to see everyone!!!!

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You almost got all figure out.

Its all in my head at the moment ^_^
Are you guys going? Would love to see you again

Tbh I would love to go but need to wait until the steemfest ticket price is out then can only decide. Yeah, I would love to see you too!

Looking forward to meeting you again! Surprise... Oh... What kind of surprise I wonder... 🤗

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See u in SF4! :)

Yeah !!!!

we will finally get to put a face to your name, see you there @zord189.

Great to hear, see you at Steemfest! I flew from Bangkok to Taipei for less than 60 Euros (one-way) with NokScoot last year, took around 4 hours

That's good to know, thanks. And will be great to see you again

Free key chain?

You coming? Would love to meet up

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Hahahahahaa I think I know what the surprise isssssssssss


he he he!!!!

Hope you can make it, My wife and I are really looking forward to Steemfest 4!

That's great look forward to meeting a lot if friends !