Three Truths and a Lie

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Deranged Told me I should jump on tonight and share a few things about myself. So here I go....

Irish Twin

When my mom was a young 30 years old, she had just had her 5th baby. With my sister being the 5th baby (3rd within 3 years), my mom was done having children. My oldest sister had been missing for 3 years at this point so my poor momma was all kinds of worn out! A few months after my sister was born my mom wasn't feeling so great, so she went to the doctor and found out she had a surprise cooking within her womb. I was born 5 days before my sister's 1st birthday! I get the privilege of being the same age as my sister for 5 days of the year! IT is the greatest!!


River Rafting

2 years ago my daughter and I took a 2 day trip to Southern Utah to raft the Colorado River, it was terrifyingly wonderful! The scenery and the calm of being surrounded by nature was so fabulous! I am very afraid of things I don't have much control riding down the rapids was a bit scary. We collided with another raft as we were violently pushing through the rapids. We were all holding on tight, the next thing we knew we were nearly watching my daughter and her friend get launched off the side of the raft. But hearing the laughter of our little girl and seeing her awe at the strength of water was something I will never forget! We both learned a lot and enjoyed each moment!

River Rafting.jpeg

Snow Mobile Accident

3 years ago I had gone off trail with my uncle snowmobiling (gotta get that adventure in) we had hit a slushy patch of the mountain snow and we started to slide. A HUGE avalanche started pulling us swiftly down the mountain side. We got separated and had no idea where the other person was and the darkness was settling in as the avalanche started to swallow me whole, snow mobile and all. Somehow I managed to keep myself towards the top, I just kept looking up and wiggling my way up...I had the famous "Nemo" quote "Just keep swimming" pursing through my veins. Miraculously, I came to the top, no cuts or bruises just the adrenaline coursing through my veins. Gratefully my Uncle was ok too, he didn't make it out as well as I had, but we both survived :)


Sweaty Pits

When I was 14, I had gone to an amusement park with my best friend. It was a HOT summer day and I was dressed to the nines (to pick up 14 yr old boys of course). I had very active pit glands when I was going through I had to take frequent bathroom breaks, to check on my armpits to ensure I didn't have "pit stains". I had a few hours between my "safety checks" and ran into one of my other best friends. He was with a couple of other guys, and one of them stunk to HIGH heaven of B.O. I ran back to my friend and gracefully waved my arm back and forth "WHEW, HE STUNK SO BAD!!" (we were with two hunky boys) my friend quickly grabbed my arm and pulled me to the bathroom....I had two massive PONDS of fluid soaking my short sleeved shirt...mortified I ran to the payphone and begged my mom to bring me a new shirt. I wore sweaters the rest of the summer with thick material to sop up my waterfalls.


Thanks for taking time to get to know me better!! Tell me what you think is my lie??


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I'm going with the snow mobile accident, just have a feeling xxxx

It was a gnarly day!! Truth or lie...I may never know

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