Funding My Trip To Krakow - Road to Steemfest3

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This week's topic for #roadtosteemfest, brought to you by @anomadsoul, is funding my trip to Krakow.

Meet me at SteemFest 2018 in Kraków

Read my previous posts about my road to Steemfest:

So, how am I funding my trip to Krakow? Well, I am already in Eastern Europe and travel in this region is fairly cheap, whether I want to go by bus or by budget flight. I'm writing this from Sofia, Bulgaria, which is not close to Poland but I'll be making my way back north, starting with Bucharest, Romania tomorrow. I'll figure it out from there because I am hoping to work with a couple brands in Czechia before November. Czechia is really close to Krakow so it would be an easy bus or train ride from there.

How will I fund that? I'm currently living off of my savings. And I'll have enough to get me there and enough for the lower-priced Steemfest ticket, which I haven't bought yet. Big thanks to @roelandp and for allowing offset prices for us minnows and planktons.

I think after Steemfest I will need to find a way to make some fiat because I can't keep traveling with the Steem prices what they are now. Patience and I'll get to the moon, am I right?

Who will I see at Steemfest?

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I wish me!!! Ooo I want to go to Sofia! People keep saying great things about it! Is there more to eat than just pizza? lol


I had an amazing burger last night, haha. Yeah there are plenty of options. Sofia is pretty cool and Bulgarians are friendly.


Ooo where is this burger? I want you to try the sushi burger in Bali. Or whatever it is. There's no sushi in it. But omg best burger ever lol


LOL. A shushi burger with no sushi? Sounds like the burger of lies to me. haha
Skaptoburger in Sofia. I had the Satoshi, which is a burger with a big chunk of fried cheese on it.

yeah yeahhh! so jealous you are traveling so much!! I filed some of the documents today and just found out that I'm broke when I went to a Bank to ask for a bank statement! LOLOL hahaha All my money are in the form of crypto and mutual fund. Damn it!

I just gave you some esteem love also xD


Thanks for the esteem love! :) Don't be too broke not to come or we will all be disappointed in you.