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This week's #roadtosteemfest, brought to you by @anomadsoul, is writing 3 fun facts about yourself.

Honestly, it can be hard for me to come up with stuff like this because I am an overthinker and can't seem to come up with stuff that sounds interesting to me. But my life is actually pretty interesting, if I put it into perspective, so I'll do my best to make it fun.l8hevuscql.jpg

But not with this photo. I know. Why so serious? Truth is, the photographer told me to be as expressionless as possible when he took this photo.

Fun Fact #1: I am a licensed pilot

(Unsupported https://giphy.com/embed/ew7ZklcE9l7qM)


I do posses a private pilot's license that I obtained while in university. I studied aviation in the attempt to make it my career. BUT... I have actually never used that license. Once I got it, I never piloted a plane since. This was like 8 years ago. To make a long story short, with my financial situation at that time, I just couldn't keep taking out loans for tuition and flight training fees. I was digging myself into a hole I was afraid I couldn't get out of. So I dropped out of university. Maybe someday I'll continue my flight training, but I need to make a lot more from Steem first. :)

Fun Fact #2: I am a salsa dancer

(Unsupported https://giphy.com/embed/xTiTnvXTQB5DZvBba0)


Something else I obtained while attending university. I couldn't dance at all growing up. I'm like, "that's just not me". Probably because where I grew up the only dancing that exists is country dancing. One of my hallmates in college kept inviting me to go salsa dancing because he went every week. After several tries, I finally agreed to go with him and a couple of our lady friends. I found out that I liked it. A lot. I kept going back and learning more and it even became a stress reliever for me. I learned other latin dances too, like bachata, as well as the basics of other ballroom styles, like swing, waltz, etc. As I travel, I like to find salsa events going on. It's a great way to meet people. Maybe we can find some in Krakow! Who would be down for that?

Fun Fact #3: I've never had a serious girlfriend

(Unsupported https://giphy.com/embed/ZzquuaCvjrX8I)


I think there are many reasons/excuses for this. The main one being, I prioritize other things over finding a romantic relationship. That, plus now I never stay in one place long enough to maintain a relationship and I don't believe in the long-distance thing. So that means I'm perpetually single. A little nugget of info for you Steemians reading this that might just happen to be a single lady or might know one... just kidding... or am I? But seriously, I'm almost 30 and am starting to think I have a problem, haha.

SO, there ya have it. My 3 hopefully fun facts about myself. If you're going to Steemfest, be sure to join in on the fun with #roadtosteemfest and let us get to know you.

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Ha ha ha can you count me in for I am 200 BTC holder?


:O you certainly have a chance. Haha. Are you going to Steemfest?

With your Fun Facts I'd already see the following happening: you go to any Salsa Event, ask a Girl out, and invite her for a first date in a plane that you fly! What girl wouldn't fall for that? :D

Good to see you participating in the #roadtosteemfest tag, we'll meet in November!


Woah! They'd make movies of that story. Haha. I'll start making the plans.

But not with this photo. I know. Why so serious? << lol ironically your seriousness made me laugh

I'd be down for salsa and bachata! I love that stuff although I haven't done it in over a year and I'm pretty bad at it, but have no shame and would still be down for it.

If I go (which I may not go...sorrryy)


Wah! How can you speak of such things like "I may not go"?


I knowwww! It sucks but it just may not work out! I'll know more last minute lol the usual. Where are you going after Poland?


Finding know where I'll be going after Poland. I was actually thinking to either meet people there and plan something spontaneous... or pick somewhere to go, like Greece or something, and make a post inviting steemfest attendees to join. Cuz I think it'd be cool to extend the meet up with anyone that has the time and courage to travel with people they just met.