My Road To SteemFest⁴ Bangkok, Thailand - Budget Plan because I'm hoping to go, go, go | 去SteemFest曼谷之路-预算案 (by @ace108)

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Road to SteemFest
Still the million dollar question is: To go or not to go.
Before, without a job is more of the question of money.
Now, with a new job is more of the time (can get leave of absence or not) and how much money.
I cannot leave the lady at home. So, I have to budget for 2 to go although she won't be joining in much of the #steemfest activity. That's what the airlines want you to do anyway.

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How much to fly there from Singapore?

Taking a look at Singapore Airlines which is usually more expensive, $300 per person should be sufficient. Total flight budget is around $600.
Road to SteemFest
Road to SteemFest

Where to stay?

Not on location but somewhere else where the lady and I can go elsewhere and to the venue without lots of difficulty. Any suggestion? I'm getting help from TripAdvisor for this. The all in prices can be as high as $1,000 and from $300. I'll plan for in somewhere in between $680.
Road to SteemFest
Road to SteemFest

Food, transport and others

Let me get some google help on this. Let's say 400 baht per meal plus a bit more for transport together. 1,000 baht per person should suffice which is about $45. Rounding it up to $50 means $100 for 2 decent meals. 2 people and 5 days of $100 means about $1,000 for meals, transport and some bits of other things.
Road to SteemFest

Budget in summary - Singapore Dollars

$600 + $680 + $1,000 = $2,280

Final Budget in Singapore Dollars

Buffer a bit more for transport to and from airport and rounding up total will bring it $3,000. Truth be told, I did pick up $150 recently but brought it to the police.
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Looks affordable enough. Next thing is to fix the dates, flights and hotel. Then hopefully, I'll be leaving on a jet plane.

Air plane


还是一个问题: 去不去? 之前 以前,没工作多就是金钱问题。 现在,有新工作是时间(可以请到假或)和多少钱。






让我找谷歌帮助。假设每餐400泰铢加一点交通费。每人1000泰铢就足够了,大约$45。附加一点到$50等于$100两餐。 $100人,5天,2人等于大约$1000的餐费,交通费和其他一些东西。

预算简要 - 新加坡元

$ 600 + $ 680 + $ 1,000 = $ 2,280


再加多一点,算加机场来回交通,差不多$3,000该够。说实话,我最近确实拿到了$150美元,但却把它带到了警察局。 看起来足够不算太贵。接下来是确定日期,航班和酒店。然后希望,我将乘坐飞机离开。
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Oh you got a job!!! Congrats buddy!!

Thanks. I'm not sure if I'm up to it but i have to give it a shot.


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Wow, you should definitely go! I hope you do, you will have much fun!

Thanks. I still fingers crossed.

hope to see you there!!!

Hoping to be able to get leave approved.

Good luck with working it all out and I hope you can make it there it would be an amazing experience

Thank you.

Most welcome :)