Post launch interview with Road Of Rich

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Firstly congratulations to the team of ROR on launching Road Of Rich !

The game looks awesome and everything seems to be working ok. There are still a few things that are not available yet, but this is to be expected.

Even though the ROR team were extremely busy going over the English version of the game when I asked them if I could get a quick interview with them. They still made time to stop and answer my questions. Thank you so much.

Here is what the team of ROR had to say.

I was surprised to learn just before launch that ROR is not built on Steem. Was this always the plan? And is the ROR team looking at eventually moving ROR to Steem?

Although it was developed based on Steem, it was difficult to use Steem Blockchain because it was too slow, and a lot of problems had arisen.

Will players be able to earn Steem or ROR tokens through game play?

Players can get RORS & Steem by donating their game money(Gold) to the ROR altar located in Bank.

You sign-in using your Gmail account, which means you get the best experience using Google chrome. Is ROR looking at adding other sign-in options?

We are considering the additional log in options.

Are we able to use Steem and/or ROR tokens to buy Gems and/or in-game items?

Players can purchase DIA with STEEM and RORS token. And Players can purchase paid-items that enhance convenience with DIA.

90% of the words have been translated to English. When will the rest be translated?

We're still working on the translation. We will wrap up the rest of them as soon as possible, but further translation will continue as updates are added.

Is there anything else you would like everyone to know?

The ROR game is the STEEM Blockchain's 1st RPG genre game.
It can be frustrating and difficult in the beginning, but if you play steadily, you will get good results.
Before the release of the ROR game, the Reward-pool has already achieved about 15,000 STEEM.
The reward-pool will grow rapidly as we will soon offer paid-pay services.

Here are some screen shots to wet your appetite. Make sure to check out the game!

Map overview

Activity tracker

Gathering Location

Selling Items at the store

City overview

Exchange for Steem, RORS and DIA.
You can play Road of Rich at
ROR Official Discord channel:
ROR Official Homepage:
ROR Official Kakao talk channel:
Also make sure to checkout for more awesome gaming content!

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Wow that game looks realy good and thank you for the Interview

Your welcome.
Have an awesome day!

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Getting ready to play. Though the connection isn't so secure it says, so not sure if I want to test using my gmail account yet and they should be using something secure like HTTPS.

I have been playing with my gmail account. But I logout of Gmail when I finish.
Make your own decision on it .
I’m not sure why they are not using https . I have noticed a few games have been coming up on http . The last two I saw were both made using unity engine .
Not sure if that has anything to do with it. As I’m not a gaming developer. But I should think not.

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Yeah I am hesitant using HTTP, that's because since I am studying cyber-security, I have used HTTP to practice breaking into systems to know about vulnerabilities XD


Oh, it has launched. I still haven't had a proper look at ROR yet, might wait for the English version though... shame they couldn't end up building it on Steem.

English version is out and they have already translated more of the game since I took those screen shots .
Definitely worth checking out.
And yeah I was disappointed as well. But maybe this could be a game that bridges the gap for blockchain gaming ?
You don’t play on blockchain but have the possibility to earn crypto.
I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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Wait, where do I need to go to play it?

It is recommended that you use google chrome browser.
You sign in using your gmail account.

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Thanks, I immediately went to their site. The one they have listed on their Steem account and didn't find any mention how to play it. They really need to have a link directing to the correct page there as well.

Cool, thanks for the interview and info!

Your welcome,
Have an awesome day!

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