Ripple Is So Hard To Get; Gatehub Sucks; And where is My money

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With all the frustration in the title of this one, I'm not too pleased with my experience with GateHub; I'm also not pleased with most 'wallets' in general. While I'm new to the 'space', I'm not new to business. I'm totally in full understanding that all of this is early adoption. What comes with that, is a lot of test-tube baby level .... ish.

Which is clearly the, the 'root of my frustration'...

But it's also clearly an Opportunity for anyone 'smart enough' to come up with Wallets that allow people to store Multiple Currencies; and by multiple I mean 100. Even better, Unlimited Wallets, able to integrate with 'any coin' .... Whoever can pull that off, is going to absolutely dominate this space.

My experiences with trying to get my hands on Ripple (#XRP) has me ready to just say .... Fawk it!

I'll just have to miss out on the coming explosion. Oh .... well.

Because so far, I've 'lost' a total of $4 on 'transaction fees', attempting to send money to my Gatehub ripple wallet. A copy of my last attempted transaction; to get my hands on some Ripple -- (but keep reading, there is more...)

The money I sent via shapeshift returned (minus the fees), and I Chalked it up to having a wallet that was still 'pending activation', as Gatehub takes their sweet time to approve my account.

Again, all of this goes against all of the reasons we're diving into the Cryptocurrencies.

We don't want to 'wait to be approved' to invest in a technology we believe in. Perhaps that's our problem, for believing in these institutions that already have too much control. Yes, I'm getting preachy.

Because after losing $4 ... and waiting at least 10 days for approval, I finally contacted Gatehub. They sent me an email, about Wallet Approval and sent me to ..... this site tells me if I send some coin, they'll 'speed up my activation' ... so I do.

Now... I've got about $30 floating around, that could be earning interest where it was at... but instead is Hung up in, what is now STILL an Unconfirmed Transaction?? (almost 15 hours later .... still no Ripple in my gatehub; and the $30 has not returned to my BTC Wallet, where it was sent from) ............ what in the entire ......... Fuck!

Where Is My Money?

At this point I feel like, Ripple (gateHub especially) owes me an extra $10 in XRP for all of my troubles 'if' they ever get around to approving me. When they do .... my money better 'arrive' as well. Meanwhile, the tutorials that folks are currently making in our space, often fail to cover just how ridiculously impossible it is to get a hold of Ripple.

Ledger S. wallets are oversold and on backorder till August.

Buying on Exchanges is cool but, if your Gatehub wallet sucks, where do you send your ripple that you've bought on an Unsafe exchange? Please don't get into the Paper Wallets. Cool Idea, but again 'checking' those wallets to make sure your money is in them, from what I've seen is yet another process.

In fact, that's where I started. I set up a paper wallet, then attempted to connect it with a ripple wallet app. The app couldn't read my paper wallet address. Kept saying my key was wrong - and yet I plugged that same paper wallet into my GateHub, and it connected without problem.

Unfortunately, since the gatehub account is 'pending' ... neither of my two wallets can receive funds. That happens to be the other part that sucks. They say the wallet is 'disabled' until you load it. Yet, when attempting to load it, it rejects the money. With literally 250 other altcoins in the space .....

Screw the predictions.

I'll be betting on other horses in this race, and will just have to live with the regret of not holding any XRP.

It's too difficult to get a hold of.

Plus, if the overall purpose of the coin is to help banks move money easier ..... screw them.

It goes against the very idea of 'decentralization'. Hey, congrats to Banks for realizing they'll have to be ready to adopt to changes. But, I'll be looking at Currency that moves us (as a society and world) Away from Banks.

Fuck them their platform and their crypto....

Meanwhile, I guess I'll have to contact my BTC wallet I used to send my money to Gatehub, to tell them My Money has not arrived in my account I sent it to; Despite the ... "Now" 90+ Confirmations .... My latest attempt; confirmed on the blockchain but the ripple is not in my account ... still ... fuck $xrp ... js

Thanks for reading my rant ....

If anyone else is as Unimpressed with Ripple Wallets as I am, feel free to speak freely without judgement below. If you also agree, that 'wallets in general' suck ... I'd love to talk with you below as well. However if you're a Ripple Fanboy/Fangirl who wants to tell me how great it's going to be, save it. Go write your own blog about it, and let others who agree with you chime in. Just keep that out of my comments please. I've made up my mind.

Thank you all, again for your time :)

A previous story from when I 'tried' to connect my Paper Ripple Wallet to XRP Wallets

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After writing this one, I have been trolled SEVERAL times by people who apparently WORK For both - and possibly even the XRP/Ripple platform itself. All I know is, where do these people get off telling me that what I experienced, was not what I experienced? I'm either going to write a Follow up to this one, OR add comments so people can SEE The additional emails that have gone on with me and GateHub.

GateHub eventually funded my account with 20 xrp; BUT the $31.99 in USD that was sent to my GateHub XRP Wallet, via the link on their Support Page - never arrived in my wallet; and all emails I've sent to them about it they seem to ignore.

They also "UPDATED" Their support page, and GREYED out the link to BitHomp - but all the information is still there; you'll also see that the post was 'updated' AFTER I wrote THIS article.

Since I'm getting Trolled on Twitter, I'm now preparing to go OUT OF MY WAY TO make sure MY Experience gets HEARD -- because I happen to know SEO. These TROLLS are going to mess up their own platform by not sitting quietly and allowing those of us who are frustrated to share OUR frustration.

WHY are they so threatened by what I shared??

(Here is the latest troll from a few moments ago)

The First troll ended up writing an article on Medium; which was full of lies and was just an attempt to suggest I don't know what I'm talking about. Again what was her motivation for that???

I Told her that her example was missing the "VERIFICATION STEP" --- she told me there IS no verification step; and after we argued, and I blocked her, the other day another person TOLD Her he same thing as Me.

Since I blocked her I cannot see her responses unless I use a different twitter; but the point is, why when a black guy tells her something it's doubted? When another white guy comes along saying the same thing, it leaves me wondering if she actually listened. Things like this make it difficult for us all to 'just get along' -

But it's also making my Resolve deeper to CRUSH The hell out of This "CENTRALIZED bank Controlled Currency" --- Fuck them and their platform.

I'll dedicate actual time next week to Make sure my articles rank; I'll write a follow up with screen shots of the emails as well; THESE LINKS by the way (IN the article) are all still very much Alive - Right now - It's nothing in here I made up. BUT I Suspect the people who've trolled me have something to hide.

I wonder how many other people they have STOLEN money from?

We're going to find out.


ChicoSoSuave Alex tweeted @ 29 Jun 2017 - 13:16 UTC

@topnetworkeral @haydentiff @GateHub @ShapeShift_io You do have to go through an approval. I been waiting for over……

TplusZero Tplus0 tweeted @ 01 Jul 2017 - 19:53 UTC

@topnetworkeral The fact that you apparently earned $0.02 with that absurd article really annoys me 😄

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Google got me here so your article ranks. Besides that, I'm facing the same issue. I transferred quite a few ETH to my GateHub wallet and after 5-6 hours of waiting have received nothing. It's a large amount of money and they cannot even get back to my support messages. I must have sent out at least 6 messages and no replys yet.


Welcome and Really sorry you had to find me this way. Totally sucks this happened to you as my issue is STILL Unresolved. I let them know I was fed up the last time I spoke to support --------- Because the very support page they sent me to, initially Had the Link to Bithomp; Then they 'grayed it out' - but left the link; It was sloppy...

I called them out on it; said they need to find my money and they left me hanging for about 2 weeks; out of the blue their support guy responded, telling Me I had to contact Bithomp for the Transaction Hash :: Frustrated with the Lazy approach they continue to take; I ignored the email for a couple weeks.

I finally responded about a week ago; and am yet to hear back. The hash wasn't hard to track down; as my transaction is still on the Blockchain, at the same location I gave to them initially.

I still, went and found the hash from Bithomp's side; because that's what Gatehub Support initially told me to do; Send money to Bithomp; and they'll send money to my GateHub to activate my account.

Here I am several months later; the $30 worth of BTC I sent 'at the time; which is probably worth $60 by now) is sitting in Limbo; no XRP in my gatehub (From that transaction) --- They gave me 20 xrp; perhaps they felt somewhat guilty for my troubles. But the Transaction I'm waiting on; never went through ............ and their support, still sucks.