Ripple (XRP) , What is your opinion about Ripple?

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Ripple positions itself as a complement to, rather than a competitor with, Bitcoin - the site has a page dedicated to Ripple for bitcoiners. Ripple is a distributed network which means transactions occur immediately across the network - and as it is peer to peer - the network is resilient to systemic risk. Ripples aren't mined - unlike bitcoin and its peers - but each transaction destroys a small amount of XRP which adds a deflationary measure into the system. There are 100 billion XRP at present. 


Why 1 XRP (ripple) will be worth at least $200 per coin : I have studied every cryptocoin and it is the one wih the most potential.

It might take years , but I think ripple (XRP) market cap will reach at least $20 trillion , probably much more , because XRP-ripple is a deflationary store of value , a very fast currency and a payment protocol. So 1 XRP could be worth at least $200. Here's why :

Let's compare it to GOLD & bitcoin :

As you know gold is not very convinient (it's heavy , you can't pay with it) , but still , its market cap is over $7.5 trillion (ripple market cap is now 10 billion = $0.01 trillion) . We don't know what the total supply will be , and a small portion of gold doesn't get destroyed each time it's exchanged like XRP. In addition , banks don't need gold to make cheaper , faster and more reliable cross border payments. So XRP is really undervalued. A bit like the internet in 1993. It existed but nobody really had it. And history have proven that sometimes in one week a chart can rise more than in the past 5 years.

We could also compare it to bitcoin. Bitcoin transaction fees are way more expensive , much slower , and bitcoin is less deflationary than ripple , but still market cap is higher. So XRP is really undervalued again and bitcoin dominance is decreasing. Altoins are surging , charts are skyrocketing. In addition , governements all over the world are priting money at unprecedented speed , and the national debts are skyrocketing so it should lead to faster inflation. People will look for better ways to keep their money uninflated , and nowadays , cryptocurrencies are a better investment than real estate , stocks or commodities. And ripple is the best of them. . Investing in cryptocurrencies is less complicated , you can cash out at any moment , it has no rollover fee , no margin call , and it's more profitable than traditional investments.

XRP price will grow thanks to banks (there are $180 trillion worth of cross-border payments made every year , and that number could be much higher if it was instant) , also thanks to investors , private wealthy bank accounts ($152 trillion in 2014) , and thanks to users that want to prevent themselves from frozen funds , bankruptcy of the bank (see recent exemple in Italy , July 26 2017) , have instant-cheap transactions , or "tax evasion" for rich users.

Compared to its two rivals Bitcoin and Ethereum , Ripple is also less complicated (user friendly wallet , easier to understand..) , cheaper to use (much lower transaction fees) and cheaper to buy ( it costs a few cents) , much faster (money is transfered in seconds vs most of the time minutes or hours for eth and btc) , much more eco-friendly (no mining) and so much more scalable ( It can handle 1000 transactions per second and soon as much as VISA , bitcoin can only handle 3-5 per second and ethereum 15/s). It has no hacking history , no hard fork history , no bad reputation , it has a max supply (unlike ethereum) and XRP is the only currency that has no counterparty risk for banks. This lowers settlement costs because no nostro accounts are requiered , intermediary banks are not needed anymore.

Finally , many big banks and institutions from all over the world partnered with Ripple with plans to deploy global money transfers over a blockchain in 2018. SBI Ripple Asia announced that a consortium of 47 banks have successfully completed a pilot implementation of Ripple in Japan using a cloud-based payments platform. As a result, the consortium has confirmed that it will move into commercial phase. For now a few banks are already using ripple network to power real-time payments for their customers like the Thailand-based bank SBC , for remittance flows between Japan and Thailand. Many more banks should follow. Ripple is also partnering with Bank of America , Santanders , UBS , BBVA , NBAD etc Ripple is also backed by Google and many other professional investment companies. It could replace the slow , outdated and expensive SWIFT technology. And of course , as you know fiat currencies are inflationary and so they lose value each year. In 1970 you could buy so much more with $100 than you can now. So why not store money in XRP?

Some technical facts : XRP is a bridge currency , it can process any currency or cryptocurrency. It also aims to be more decentralized than bitcoin in the near future. XRP also has a new york virtual currency licence. 55 billion XRP will also be locked up in escrow to ensure certainty of total XRP supply. Ripple can also reduce the cost of domestic transactions. Ripple is not russian like ethereum and not from an anonymous person like bitcoin. It's a san francisco-based start up.

Can you imagine if you had bought bitcoins at $0.30 or $2 in 2010 ? Would you sell bitcoin for $10 ? Or even 50$ ? of course not. Of course I'm not a financial adviser. Do your own research. My advice would be to be patient and just HOLD IT and wait for it to reach at least $100 or you might regret selling too early. Trading is worst than gambling if you do it enough , most of you will lose money. You can buy & store XRP on the official ripple wallet :

Any opinion? 

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How is Ripple deflationary, if the creation of the tokens don't stop? What is it now 99 billion tokens with a 1 million add every month? Compare it to Bitcoin's 16 million currently and it will "never" reach 21 million.
And it is not the Ripple tokens that hold the value, but the Ripple network. Partnered banks don't actually use the Ripple tokens, only network.
Not to mention that the token itself is unlicensed security.

yes i agree with you about tokens, but the the technology itself makes sense, the value of the coin will be in base of the use of it and how are the contributors, huge banks are migrating to the ripple network

Banks using Ripple network have nothing to do with Ripple token price. Money is not flowing into Ripple market capitalization, because of banks using the Ripple network.
That might trigger speculation from traders to buy Ripple and this money would go towards market capitalization. But the reaction might not come, you have to keep in mind that.

I find Ripple to be very problematic coin for number of reasons. One of the most important is that XRP is a corporate coin yet the success of the company and adoption of the protocol do not really require the use of the XRP coin. Plus there's a extreme amount of XRP in circulation and a huge amount concentrated in private hands. I did couple of successful XRP trades when market trend was quite obvious but I generally don't want to have anything with that coin for reason I specified here. I am real glad if XRP works for you but for me there are much better coins out there. Above all those which are not corporate coins but built by and for the community of users.

i like your vision, interesting




YES HOLD HOLD, now it's only $0.25, cloud wallet, more ripple in it and wait for it

Ripple is in an intersesting place. Probably the most conservative of the currencies outside of BTC and ETH.

The fact that its backed by VC money and already has a product is a far cry from some of the other coins out there.

me too i see that, a very safe place, new ICOs and new scam coins are only wasting of time and money, i was reading about NDT, fedora website is offline, and lot of examples ...

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Well we’ll see how things go with 38-billion tokens in circulation, and nearly another 60-billion being locked up supposedly NOV-2017. I think ripple is trying to show the advantages to banks of using xrp in conjunction with xRapid, xVia and RCloud. Ripple is trying to show a lower cost saving advantage when using xrp to replace having banks use nostro/Vostro accounts held in other countries. As much as each transaction will burn off such a small portion of xrp might make the currency deflationary but suspect it will only be a portion. They can only make xrp divisible by only so many decimal places. I do like that the token isn’t mineable so as to avoid the large mining pools to decide the fate of a currency rather than the common public - such as bitcoins forks of bitcoin gold or bitcoin cash that reveal no better use case value than some of the other alt coins out there (ie. ripple)yet people seem to want to pay $1000 for bitcoin-cash? With 100 banks internationally, some of which are the largest in the world, their SWIFT event hosting Ben Bernanke, Vitalek Buterin, Tim Berners-Lee, impressive demos for the federal reserve, google ventures invested, possible sight on over-throwing SWIFT, there just seems to be too much momentum/potential. I only hope their bloc-chain will reflect in the value of their xrp token in the future provided it gets used.