$25 Prize pool Rickysphotochallenge - Week 11 - Architecture

Welcome back!

It's week 11 and time for a new photographic pursuit! Hopefully this will test you with another new challenge!

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$25 reward pool

Thanks to another donation by @eroche this week the prize pool has increased once again this week I have $25 to give away!.


1st place - $15 SBD
2nd place - $5.50 SBD
3rd place - $4.50 SBD

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I will be judging the competition.


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Week 11 Challenge - Architecture

This week I'm looking for magnificent and unusual architecture, this can include anything related to buildings, structures, bridges, anything!

My addition

This shot is of La Madeleine church in Paris. The architecture of this building is beautiful, one of many amazing structures in Paris.


How to enter

Look for the greatest and most unusual pieces of architecture you can find and use the tag #rickysphotochallenge as your main tag and title it Rickysphotochallenge Week 11 entry - Architecture.


  • Photographs must be your own!.
  • Entries found to be false or plagiariased or from google or any other website will be flagged and reported to @steemcleaners and will be checked.
  • Entries must be in by 3pm GMT next saturday.
    (Dublin local time.)
  • The main tag must be rickysphotochallenge but can have 4 other tags after it.
  • Title the post Rickysphotochallenge Week 11 Entry - Architecture
  • Editing is ok but please mention it when you enter.
  • Tell us all a little about the photo like where it was taken, what you were up to that day etc etc.

Good luck

Good luck to you all and I'm looking forward to see some beautiful architecture from all over the world it's time to show off your countries greatest architectural achievements.

Congratulations again to last weeks winners!

1st place - @spoofnix
2nd place - @bescouted
3rd place - @stresskiller

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So a little late is better than before the deadline! This week I got to stay at a pretty cool architectural building, The Hotel Roanoke. The original building opened in 1882. Here's the view from the driveway.


Additional pictures can be found in my entry post: https://steemit.com/rickysphotochallenge/@mikepm74/rickysphotochallenge-week-11-entry-architecture-hotel-roanoke

Hope you enjoy!!


Nice historic building Mike.


nice building!!! Amazing shots :-)

Just found your photo challenge and I am excited to participate in this weeks! Can I submit multiple blog posts for this challenge?


Yes you can just label them as such!

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I might have a few shots for the entry. Let me see :)


I look forward to it

Sounds like my kind of challenge...let's open up lightroom and see what we can find 😂


You must need more $$$ 😂😂


😂😂😂 have a 🍺

I have entered. Super excited :) (does a little dance)


Some great pictures as well!.

Congratz, your post has been read, approved and resteemed by a human 😊!

Here's my entry :
Exploring Buddhist Ancient Architecture in SEA

There are several others temples and view, which you can check through the link above.