$20 Prize pool rickysphotochallenge - Week 9 - Macro photography - Entry #1 - A Bulb With A Dragonfly Tattoo

This is my post in the #Rickysphotochallenge by @rickyjrx

If you like to participate too then read more about the challenge here

Since the theme of the challenge is macro photography, I hereby like to come up with pictures of A Beautiful Dragonfly.

You might be wondering what that white background might be. Lets look closer into another picture. 

Any guesses yet?? A moon?? It cant be right?


Did you read the title carefully?? It read "A Bulb With A Dragonfly Tattoo." 

Yes, It was indeed an LED Bulb with whom our tiny little star was in love with. 

Here are the raw images !! 

*All the images were shot on One Plus 5 Smartphone.

*The entire photography process took about 45 minutes to complete (Was shot around 7 pm).

Thanks for looking at my pictures..

- kelvanis

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