Tokenomics Announcement Postponed

in rialtoai •  4 months ago

There has been a lot of speculation in our community forums about the upcoming tokenomics on the new platform, therefore we would like to offer some clarity on this issue.

We had originally planned to have the full announcement with all the details published today, however there has been an unexpected delay in relation to certain legal and operational details, which will unfortunately delay the announcement by two weeks.

We are in the process of finalizing the free equity participation plan that would grant our supporters with additional shareholder rights to benefit from the new Rialto Trade platform, while fully retaining existing rights and deposited platform assets. We strongly believe that this proposal will serve as industry best practice and will unlock additional value for our supporters while enabling sustainable growth of

We will update you with more details shortly. Feel free to post your questions below and we will make sure they are addressed in the update to this article.

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New website looks nice. Clean and minimalist, with a touch of "cartoon-ish" or playful, video game graphic look. I hope you come out of nowhere and blow the doors off the industry/ push XRL to be the next Binance, or equivalent token.
Have you thought of airdropping tokens/ETH to your holders, in addition to making it a utility token on your platform, to incentivize holding XRL? I imagine even the 'Crypto Dust" will start to accumulate on your platform once it hits mainstream that could be distributed to make your XRL very sought after. I'd like to ask you a few questions about putting security tokens on your platform, since that is the inevitable next step. PM me if you have the time. I'm still HODLing XRL. Best of luck to you guys.