Analysis of The Star Spangled Banner (Our Nation's National Anthem)

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Hello everyone! In honor of all of the chances that we as a marching band get to perform the national anthem, we have decided to upload a harmonic analysis (done by @cmp2020) of it. Please keep in mind that this analysis is not going to be as in depth as yesterday's was because this piece is not as complex (music theory wise) as yesterday's piece was. But, none the less, let's analyze this



I am fairly confident that this piece is in binary form (with a coda if you include the little piano thing that the composer or arranger added). It consists of an intro (which is the A section) an A section (which repeats). It then incorporates a B section (the second half of which repeats in this case). That is my loose analysis of the form.


The harmonics in this piece are fairly straight forward. The composer used several secondary dominant chords (which spiced things up). I will say that there were areas where I just connected the dots and labled the chord by what it functioned as. For example, on the fourth through sixth beat in measure 18 we are given an E-flat and a G. I went ahead and assumed that this is functioning as IV (rather than ii) because the root (E-flat) is in the chord, and the very next chord is a ii. I had to connect the dots a lot in this arrangement because it is almost always only two parts (bass and soprano). So, I did my best. Here is my harmonic analysis of The Star Spangled Banner:

Previous Analyses


Thanks for reading this! As always, feedback is appreciated. Please let us know what you think of the analysis. We plan to upload more analyses of pieces related to the band. Have a nice day!


Here is an embedded video of our marching band's performance of Jay Bocook's arrangement of The Star Spangled Banner, which we performed at a Philadelphia Phillies baseball game two years ago.

My dad says "sorry" for the quality of the cell phone audio recording.

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Thank you for your time and attention.

Posted by Christopher Palmer (@cmp2020)

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love that anthem... is full of hope and makes me feel that good always will defeat evil no matter how dark the situation is.

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