Steemit Success Series- @timcliff on Who To Target With Your Content

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Steemit Success Series- @timcliff on Who To Target With Your Content

Tim Cliff is a legend in Steemit lore. I had to have him join us in this Steemit Success Series to help you —- and me! — to learn how to “do Steemit right.” Well, Tim did not disappoint and he gave us a tremendous amount of information that we can use.

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Listen to this genius in content creation talk about how he puts his ideas together and what he does to reach a lot of people. Tim is doing very well in Steemit publishing. He also shares a lot to help others become successful. That is one of the traits about him that I admire so much. He is constantly doing what he can to help others on Steemit do better, increase their following and to earn more money.

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Prepare to go to school learning for one of the best. This interview is packed with great value for you and your learning. Let me know what you think in the comments. I read these and look forward to hearing from you. If you like this, please upvote it and resteem it. This way I’ll know better what material to produce and what to not produce. Your vote really counts here!

Thank you for joining me. I look forward to hearing from you!


Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE
Member, Professional Speaker Hall of Fame
Certified Speaking Professional
[email protected]
+1-407-363-0505 (Orlando, Florida, USA)

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Your tags are broken #'beyondbitcoin'] ?

Thank you for letting me know, @transisto. This came from the scheduled post. The little apostrophes ( ') came in from that. I'll have to research it more. I appreciate your help and bringing it to my attention. Nice to have you stop by!

You can't edit it?

I'm am laughing at myself so much! One of those "Duh!" moments. Thank you for stating the obvious --- and helping me laugh at myself. Editing now complete. Thank you, @transisto, for helping me see the obvious --- and giving me a good laugh at myself!

It's no wonder this guy is constantly the number 1 or 2 witness. Nice job guys!

Yep! He is pretty amazing. This interview we had shines a spotlight on what he has done for our Steemit community. Thank you, @aggroed for all your most helpful contributions. Keep up the good work! Thank you very much for stopping by to comment.

Hi @terrybrock, I've seen your youtube interview with @timcliff. It's inspired me a lot as newcomer here in steemit. So much stuffs I've learned from him as one of the legend here. Great video ever. Hoping to see more good stuff from you, love it:)

Thank you very much, @tessalonica. Yes, that @timcliff guy is one wonderful person. Both on- and off-camera he is genuine, real and most helpful. Nice to have you on board with us and I look forward to hearing more from you in the future. Cheers!

  • Terry

@terrybrock thanks for sharing this with us. It will really help us go far on steemit. Infact @timcliff is a genius to learn from

You're right @polaleye50. He's a genius on success with Steemit and he is one incredibly nice guy too. A rare and very good combination! Thank you for your comment.

I'll follow you if you follow me :-)

So you watched the video, @onceuponatime! :-) Thanx for watching. It is always good to have you stop by and say hello. Wishing you all the best!

I am about to watch the video, but I wanted to say, it is fantastic to be able to count on this community for making it grow and grow with it. :D I know quality has to be one of our main focuses, but reading "this guy really cares about others and tries to help them and to make them earn more money" is quite inspiring. :D I will not lie, I am here for the bucks! I need to buy a new computer, but even afterwards when I have it, I will come back here and not only for the money, but for the community and the content. :D Happy Christmas to all, and blessings from on High.

Thank you, @dailsamai Yes, the community part of Steemit is marvelous. I see it very prominent among those who are doing well and I think that says something. We grow more as we help others. Thank you for stopping by and I'll look forward to hearing what you think of the video interview when you get a chance to see it.

I DID in fact get that chance to see it, and it was about 2 weeks ago! I really liked the tips and tricks @timcliff gave, and as you both mention, there are all sorts of users; he may not be the most creative one (to paraphrase him xD) but his contribution is more than valuable nonetheless, and what he has accomplished allows him the knowledge to see what kind of things to post and for what audience! I was just thinking about some posts I have in mind, and I am beginning to realize that there are audiences for both, but they are not the same...

I thank you (and the Lord our God) deeply because this was among the first contents I saw here, and it really helped me and inspired me to keep pushing forward... The rise in the SBD has also cheered me up, and to be able to be here as of right now is nothing short of a blessing... I mean, I joined on December 2nd, and by December 10th the SBD was already leaps and bounds above what it was 1, 2 and 3 months before! I see good things ahead for all of this community. Thank you both @timcliff and @terrybrock. Rock on, and of couse, Steem on!

you are most kind, @dailsamai. Thank you for your comments. Glad that we were able to help you on this and I look forward to seeing you around the Steemit Shop again.

Sure thing @terrybrock, it will be so, we are all in here for the long haul. ;) Blessings, and have a wonderful Christmas day. May the Christ be born in your heart all the days of your life.

I like your content

done! follow back please

@terrybrock thank you so much for sharing this, it is quite uplifting. I have to say though that the money is not the main reason for me to be on this site. Sure, it is a really nice incentive, but most importantly, this is about sharing ideas, at least for me.
I do however fear that my content is a bit too nerdy/ specific for steemit right now, but we'll have to wait and see. In any case, i am looking forward to seeing this website gain even more traction.
I'm new to steemit, but videos like this help us newbies keep going, so do continue :)

Have a great day, and merry Christmas

There are plenty of nerds here - myself included ;)

Well that gives me a lot of hope :) I am/ blogging about my bachelors thesis where i experiment with a sustainable alternative to leather. I am basicly growing it from bacteria, and i would like to work out a way to automate the harvesting process. I plan to release the knowledge open source when i'm done.
And i do guess that a social network centered around the idea of crypto currency, that is still in beta, would attract quite the nerdy crowd ;). But the nerdy crowd is definitely the best crowd ^^

Nerd on, @emlclaudell. I count myself as a nerd and want to learn more. So, let the best nerd in you out and have a great time! Glad to have you with us here in Steemit land. We look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

So far, everyone have been really nice. Although i have run into the casual "subs for subs" guy (Or follow for follow, in steemit's case). I'm not really interested in that, we should follow each others for great content, not for the money. Gaining new knowledge is super rewarding, and i've already learned a ton by being here. So thank you for your time :)

You hit the nail on the head, @emilclaudell. It is not about a "subs for subs" kind of offer. That has been used in many other places in social media. Here we focus on quality content and seriously helping the community. It has been my experience that there are some incredibly generous and brilliant people in this Steemit community. The more I know about it, the more I like it! Glad to have you with us!

Hey Terry, I enjoyed this interview from start to finish. Great Job! I could very much relate to his story.

Thank you very much, @exyle. Yes, @timcliff has a very good story and, like you, I can relate to his story. You have also done a great job with Steemit and we salute you, sir, and thank you for your more helpful contributions.

That was an awesome and such a helpful interview guys!
Great questions and way of questioning @terrybrock und great answers and helpful tips @timcliff.
I am here on steemit for a month now and everyday I learn something new. I think many points I already understood, for example the way of commenting a users post, that I like. Always refer to the content of the post.
But this was a huge step again.
I'll directly try to apply these things. Thank you for that.
I'm sure that my kind of content will be appreciated soon and that's why I constantly will put effort into my posts und stay persistent.
You got a new follower Terry, I'm looking forward to more to more stuff like this.
Have a nice weekend everyone!

Thank you very much for your kind words and for being here @infinityroad. You are going to love being part of the Steemit community and we are going to love having you here. I appreciate the follow and look forward to reading your content when you put it out there.

All the very best to you!


It is already there ;-)
Thank you Terry

This is wonderful work @terrybrock and @timcliff... This is the most inspiring and informative piece of content I've come across on this platform.. Though I have spent a few months on this steemit I didn't some things until I watched that video. Thank you so much for looking out and sharing information that will benefit people like me.. Steem on

WOW! That is most kind of you to say, @gotgame. This is what the Steemit is all about, sharing great ideas and information that helps a lot. @timcliff did a superb job giving us great ideas that work in the real world! Hope to have you come back and visit again, @gotgame.

Excellent & very informational video. No doubt @timcliff doing great for steemit community. Thanks @terrybrock & @timciff.

Thank you, @irfanullah. Yes, @timcliff is helping our Steemit community once again. All the very best to you!

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