Steemit Success Series- @timcliff on Who To Target With Your Content

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Steemit Success Series- @timcliff on Who To Target With Your Content

Tim Cliff is a legend in Steemit lore. I had to have him join us in this Steemit Success Series to help you —- and me! — to learn how to “do Steemit right.” Well, Tim did not disappoint and he gave us a tremendous amount of information that we can use.

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Listen to this genius in content creation talk about how he puts his ideas together and what he does to reach a lot of people. Tim is doing very well in Steemit publishing. He also shares a lot to help others become successful. That is one of the traits about him that I admire so much. He is constantly doing what he can to help others on Steemit do better, increase their following and to earn more money.

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Prepare to go to school learning for one of the best. This interview is packed with great value for you and your learning. Let me know what you think in the comments. I read these and look forward to hearing from you. If you like this, please upvote it and resteem it. This way I’ll know better what material to produce and what to not produce. Your vote really counts here!

Thank you for joining me. I look forward to hearing from you!


Terry Brock, MBA, CSP, CPAE
Member, Professional Speaker Hall of Fame
Certified Speaking Professional
[email protected]
+1-407-363-0505 (Orlando, Florida, USA)

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Your tags are broken #'beyondbitcoin'] ?

Thank you for letting me know, @transisto. This came from the scheduled post. The little apostrophes ( ') came in from that. I'll have to research it more. I appreciate your help and bringing it to my attention. Nice to have you stop by!

You can't edit it?

I'm am laughing at myself so much! One of those "Duh!" moments. Thank you for stating the obvious --- and helping me laugh at myself. Editing now complete. Thank you, @transisto, for helping me see the obvious --- and giving me a good laugh at myself!

It's no wonder this guy is constantly the number 1 or 2 witness. Nice job guys!

Yep! He is pretty amazing. This interview we had shines a spotlight on what he has done for our Steemit community. Thank you, @aggroed for all your most helpful contributions. Keep up the good work! Thank you very much for stopping by to comment.

Hi @terrybrock, I've seen your youtube interview with @timcliff. It's inspired me a lot as newcomer here in steemit. So much stuffs I've learned from him as one of the legend here. Great video ever. Hoping to see more good stuff from you, love it:)

Thank you very much, @tessalonica. Yes, that @timcliff guy is one wonderful person. Both on- and off-camera he is genuine, real and most helpful. Nice to have you on board with us and I look forward to hearing more from you in the future. Cheers!

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@terrybrock thanks for sharing this with us. It will really help us go far on steemit. Infact @timcliff is a genius to learn from

You're right @polaleye50. He's a genius on success with Steemit and he is one incredibly nice guy too. A rare and very good combination! Thank you for your comment.

I'll follow you if you follow me :-)

So you watched the video, @onceuponatime! :-) Thanx for watching. It is always good to have you stop by and say hello. Wishing you all the best!

I am about to watch the video, but I wanted to say, it is fantastic to be able to count on this community for making it grow and grow with it. :D I know quality has to be one of our main focuses, but reading "this guy really cares about others and tries to help them and to make them earn more money" is quite inspiring. :D I will not lie, I am here for the bucks! I need to buy a new computer, but even afterwards when I have it, I will come back here and not only for the money, but for the community and the content. :D Happy Christmas to all, and blessings from on High.

Thank you, @dailsamai Yes, the community part of Steemit is marvelous. I see it very prominent among those who are doing well and I think that says something. We grow more as we help others. Thank you for stopping by and I'll look forward to hearing what you think of the video interview when you get a chance to see it.

I DID in fact get that chance to see it, and it was about 2 weeks ago! I really liked the tips and tricks @timcliff gave, and as you both mention, there are all sorts of users; he may not be the most creative one (to paraphrase him xD) but his contribution is more than valuable nonetheless, and what he has accomplished allows him the knowledge to see what kind of things to post and for what audience! I was just thinking about some posts I have in mind, and I am beginning to realize that there are audiences for both, but they are not the same...

I thank you (and the Lord our God) deeply because this was among the first contents I saw here, and it really helped me and inspired me to keep pushing forward... The rise in the SBD has also cheered me up, and to be able to be here as of right now is nothing short of a blessing... I mean, I joined on December 2nd, and by December 10th the SBD was already leaps and bounds above what it was 1, 2 and 3 months before! I see good things ahead for all of this community. Thank you both @timcliff and @terrybrock. Rock on, and of couse, Steem on!

you are most kind, @dailsamai. Thank you for your comments. Glad that we were able to help you on this and I look forward to seeing you around the Steemit Shop again.

Sure thing @terrybrock, it will be so, we are all in here for the long haul. ;) Blessings, and have a wonderful Christmas day. May the Christ be born in your heart all the days of your life.

I like your content

done! follow back please

@terrybrock thank you so much for sharing this, it is quite uplifting. I have to say though that the money is not the main reason for me to be on this site. Sure, it is a really nice incentive, but most importantly, this is about sharing ideas, at least for me.
I do however fear that my content is a bit too nerdy/ specific for steemit right now, but we'll have to wait and see. In any case, i am looking forward to seeing this website gain even more traction.
I'm new to steemit, but videos like this help us newbies keep going, so do continue :)

Have a great day, and merry Christmas

There are plenty of nerds here - myself included ;)

Well that gives me a lot of hope :) I am/ blogging about my bachelors thesis where i experiment with a sustainable alternative to leather. I am basicly growing it from bacteria, and i would like to work out a way to automate the harvesting process. I plan to release the knowledge open source when i'm done.
And i do guess that a social network centered around the idea of crypto currency, that is still in beta, would attract quite the nerdy crowd ;). But the nerdy crowd is definitely the best crowd ^^

Nerd on, @emlclaudell. I count myself as a nerd and want to learn more. So, let the best nerd in you out and have a great time! Glad to have you with us here in Steemit land. We look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

So far, everyone have been really nice. Although i have run into the casual "subs for subs" guy (Or follow for follow, in steemit's case). I'm not really interested in that, we should follow each others for great content, not for the money. Gaining new knowledge is super rewarding, and i've already learned a ton by being here. So thank you for your time :)

You hit the nail on the head, @emilclaudell. It is not about a "subs for subs" kind of offer. That has been used in many other places in social media. Here we focus on quality content and seriously helping the community. It has been my experience that there are some incredibly generous and brilliant people in this Steemit community. The more I know about it, the more I like it! Glad to have you with us!

Hey Terry, I enjoyed this interview from start to finish. Great Job! I could very much relate to his story.

Thank you very much, @exyle. Yes, @timcliff has a very good story and, like you, I can relate to his story. You have also done a great job with Steemit and we salute you, sir, and thank you for your more helpful contributions.

That was an awesome and such a helpful interview guys!
Great questions and way of questioning @terrybrock und great answers and helpful tips @timcliff.
I am here on steemit for a month now and everyday I learn something new. I think many points I already understood, for example the way of commenting a users post, that I like. Always refer to the content of the post.
But this was a huge step again.
I'll directly try to apply these things. Thank you for that.
I'm sure that my kind of content will be appreciated soon and that's why I constantly will put effort into my posts und stay persistent.
You got a new follower Terry, I'm looking forward to more to more stuff like this.
Have a nice weekend everyone!

Thank you very much for your kind words and for being here @infinityroad. You are going to love being part of the Steemit community and we are going to love having you here. I appreciate the follow and look forward to reading your content when you put it out there.

All the very best to you!


It is already there ;-)
Thank you Terry

This is wonderful work @terrybrock and @timcliff... This is the most inspiring and informative piece of content I've come across on this platform.. Though I have spent a few months on this steemit I didn't some things until I watched that video. Thank you so much for looking out and sharing information that will benefit people like me.. Steem on

WOW! That is most kind of you to say, @gotgame. This is what the Steemit is all about, sharing great ideas and information that helps a lot. @timcliff did a superb job giving us great ideas that work in the real world! Hope to have you come back and visit again, @gotgame.

Excellent & very informational video. No doubt @timcliff doing great for steemit community. Thanks @terrybrock & @timciff.

Thank you, @irfanullah. Yes, @timcliff is helping our Steemit community once again. All the very best to you!

Great work Terry, @timcliff is definitely a guy all steemians should try and emulate here. This is great for the community

Thank you, @jasonshick. Yes, @timcliff is someone we can all learn from. I admire him greatly.

OMG listening to @timcliff I discovered that I am the Tim Cliff of the french community :D (just joking... I would love to be as genius as he his :D)

Ps: When I was a sooo little minnows, Timcliff answered rapidly to my questions. As he said : he is very reachable !

Well, great to have you "Tim Cliff of the French community." @roxane you are wonderful. Thank you for being here and for your very kind words. All the best to you! Merci !

Thank you for the info..... I can probably figure out who to target but I am still so old school I am not so good at the video and different presentations. I need to learn how to make the great eye catching videos that people want to watch. If I have that I can figure out the target and content.

Go for it, @markstn1. Share from your experience. If you are more "old school" that means you have a lot of experience and probalby many good stories that can help all of us. Using video is just another skill to learn like you've learned through the years. Time to roll up your sleeves and learn some more "new" while you have fun and make money here on Steemit. I look forward to hearing from you again!

@terrybrock the interview with @timcliff was really worth doing it. As you mention in addition to really know what he is doing, he is a person doing things to contribute for the growth of all. All his actions and perceverance from the begining are what pays at the end of day.

And as you said it not only pays in what you do, what in life too. What @timcliff explains here is a must watch for every new steemian. His idea to listen to what lots of steemians were asking for, and researching to find their answers, and then communicating them the answer was there, is something great he has done for the steemit community. He created value with his experience and knowledge, and that payed off.

As you said and Tim also mentions, people who just write a small message and say follow me, that is not good for him, nor for the receiver of the message. It even bothers. How can we expect a return with an upvote if you are not adding value, just adding words, nothing in context to what the blog explains.
I totally agree with @timcliff in those things.

When you really care about things, and you can share something you know, you researched, you understand, that is when we are one step ahead, and the community grows, we all grow together.

In this video, Tim explains his success way to make it on steemit, and as you said his path is a success in life. The keys are, knowing what we want to achieve, make a route, focus on that, and percevere. With those things in mind, success in around the corner. Sometimes it will take more, sometimes a bit less.

Looking forward to read and watch your future posts.


Note: What I am have been doing to add value to the steemit community is thinking about ways to improve the steemit interface, in order to capture more potential visitors into signups. As of today I completed my 13th idea, and I will continue this way, to make steemit a better place everyday.
I just need to find who are the steem devs that would give me feedback about this I have been doing.

Thank you @gold84. Nice to hear from you and yes, it is what @timcliff says about contributing to others and adding value. That means we have to do our research to find out how the others define "value." You are doing it here with your post.

I look forward to hearing from you again. Thank you for stopping by to say hello.

unfortunately. I see less posts from Tim recently, well, he always been more into resteeming than posting.

I am still here ;) I spend a lot of my time reading other people’s content these days. I try to resteem all the good stuff I find. I’ve also been spending a lot of my time working on projects behind the scenes, which unfortunately aren’t that interesting to blog about. I will try to get more into posting again soon though :)

sweet, looking forward to see what you bring back to #discussion, I learned most of my knowledge around witness topic from reading your posts when I started.

Thank you for stopping by, @kiaazad. Yes, @timcliff has shared a lot of great information for us.


Looking forward to read interesting posts from you. I am missing those daily reports. Keep on writing and inspiring us.

You bet, @asolopreneur (clever moniker, I like it!) . I like doing these. Didn't get one today or yesterday as we were doing our SteemitSteemUp here in Orlando. Hope to hear from you again.

Just read

I think you guys had fun there. I wish, I could join you.

asolopreneur is my blog name.

You are inspiring us through your guest interviews. These entrepreneurs are gems sharing their two cents which are helping bloggers and freelancers grow their businesses and get involve in cryptocurrencies (Steem).

I wanted to say, it's far extraordinary in an effort to anticipate this community for making it develop and develop with it. :D I recognise first-class needs to be certainly one of our important focuses, but studying "this man actually cares about others and attempts to help them and to make them earn more money" is pretty inspiring had seen your youtube interview with @timcliff. it's inspired me a lot as newcomer here in steemit. so much stuffs i've learned from him as one of the legend here. brilliant video ever. Hoping to look extra suitable stuff from you, love it @terrybrock

Thank you, @hossainsohag. Yes, it is a really good community and @timcliff is an inspiration to many of us---definitely me! Come back and visit again. Glad to have you on board!

Thanks, I'm new, and this was very helpful information. It looks like I've got a lot of work to do. :)

Thank you for being here, @theinsideout. I understand what you're saying and, believe me, we ALL have a lot of work to do. I know I have a lot yet to do and I welcome that!

Scheduled to be Shared to my Steemit Facebook & Twitter Group👍

Thank yo for sharing that, @steemitguide. Very considerate and nice of you.

thank you so much for doing this interview @terrybrock & @timcliff !

edit: especially speaking about that topic of 'upvote me, follow me' plus most of the time those people didn't even look into your content.

all the best,

Thank you for saying that, @yourmate. Yes, so many people are saying something like "upvote me, follow me and I'll follow you." That is SO inappropriate when you don't know the person, haven't seen any of their content, etc. Thank you for your support on this.

@timcliff was my first STEEM influencer! =) Thanks mate!

And thanks @terrybrock for exposing Tim like this... he really makes this looks soooooo easy...

in the end... it really IS... just embrace it! And you will, over time... get inside one of the best platforms... I ever encountered and spent useful time, learning lots of stuff!

Thank you, @forykw. Yes, it is over time that we learn about Steemit or any other subject. Thanx for stopping by.

Hey @terrybrock i saw your full video. Its really a great video.I will try to follow all tips. Thank you so much.Now you are getting a new follower.

Thank you very much, @meherin. You are most kind and thank you for watching the full video. I look forward to hearing from you again.

Hey @terrybrock and @timcliff

Thanks for sharing your valuable tips with all of us.

I find your post and video very helpful to newcomers as well as people who are loosing hope.

You pointed out correctly, the most important thing to do is to build an audience which is interested in our blogs. We should stick to one topic we can gather people who are interested in a niche.

This also applies in blogging and business development.

I agree. What you said about gathering people who are interested in a topic makes the most sense. I've focused on marketing and helping small businesses for most of my career. Yes, I've also been honored to speak (I'm a professional speaker) to larger companies and even do some long-term contracts. But, my heart is with the small entrepreneurial ventures.

Thank you for your comments.

I am sure you are inspiring thousands of entrepreneurs.

Internet is giving jobs to thousands of people. We can work remotely and help any business.

Cryptocurrency is next phase of payment gateway and it's creating path for many small ventures to start a company.

Thank you, this video and article is really helpful to anyone working on steemit.

Yeah sure. Again, I appreciate this type of content. It gives me a bit more context for the actual community and the platform.

Incredible! I am very impressed. No kidding, it was really worthy to read! :)

Curious, did you watch the video too? :)

Yup! Watched it with my mom @tessalonica :)

Thank you, @jeksaturday. Glad you enjoyed it.

Very thoughtful.

Hey Terry,

Thanks again for the interview! You do an amazing job as an interviewer. I really had a great time talking to you, and you put everything together very well. I hope we can get this material in front of a ton of people. It will be very helpful =)


It was an awesome interview Well Done @timcliff and for sure very helpful for a lot of steemians !! I upped and resteemed it to over 2700 of my followers and I hope more people did the same !! 👍👍👍😀

Your very welcome !👍👍👍

Yes indeed, @timcliff! Great to have you on the interview and you did a wonderful job, my friend. We'll have to do something like this on another topic again in the future. Hope you have a great week ahead!

Yes, that would be great! You too =)

IT means that we should try our belt to serve other in order to get for our self right brother . like do good get good

I like you @terrybrock joined in August of 2016. That would make us STEEMIT Brothers.

Thank you, brother @stokjockey! :-) Nice to have you with us here on Steemit. I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

This is so much help. Thank you.

You're welcome, @nicholas83. Thx for being part of the conversation.

Its really informative for me i am always provide help for new steemian and i like people like you who also help others i upvote and resteem your post

Thank you, @farihelper. Glad you enjoy it and I look forward to seing you around more.

Im back @terrybrock after finding time to watch the video interview ! I also joined Steemit in July 13 2016 and have been following @timcliff since the beginning ! I loved your interviw and Tim is spot on with everything he said !! I mean you get what you give . You need to put in the work , research , and stay dedicated. eventually when you are also a stake holder with a lot invested over time , you will find it so much easier to understand , and for sure if you invest you will understand more, and do better at creating better content as you learn more . I had over 11,000 steem at one point and was a dolphin untill i was laid off and had to power a lot down. but was so thankfull I had that steem there invested for when I needed it most . Great job Terry , this was a great interview for everyone new and old on Steemit !! as I said earlier , following you now , upped and resteemed for more steemians to see this great interview with @timcliff !! 😀👍👍👍

I agree with you, Karen. Really good to have steem stored up for those "just in case" situations. Glad to have you here with us on Steemit. I look forward to hearing from you more in the future.

Thanks for your kind reply back ! Im following you and looking forward to catching some more great interviews from you ! 👍👍👍😀

Wow, Thank you for organizing all this for us and having this informative interview. You have not ceased to impress me man. I am enjoying your show and all of your meetings :)

Thank you very much @generation. Nice to hear from you and I look forward to staying in touch. Hey, our SteemitSteemUp here in Orlando went very well. Sorry you couldn't make it this time but maybe if we do more in the future you'll be able to be here. All the best and I really appreciate your comments.

I am glad that it went well. I have been having some personal things to take care of and I will be looking forward to meeting up in the future with a steemit fest :) By the way, remember Bogy? Check out my latest post, i am sure you will recognize him :)

When your socially retarded as I am, you'll never have the luxury of being a "Certified Speaking Professional". Damn you autism, when most you destroy my chances at fame.

Well, then figure out a way around it. I know practically nothing about it, but I believe that there is a lot of power in our brains we don't know about. I'm not telling you what to do, just encouraging you to do the best that is right for you. I look forward to your future visits!

Thank you we have to consider bitcoin as well, because the rest of crypto anchors on it.

Yes, I see bitcoin as the foundational tool for much of what we're doing. Steemit and I believe all other cryptocurrencies have a lot of thanks due to bitcoin and to Satoshi Nakamoto for starting this wonderful experinence back in 2009. Thank you for stopping by today.

As a new member of this community this was truly amazing to some across. Thank you for your hard work and countless hours spent to spreading your knowledge and of others. =)

My concern about voting power here is that this could end up being a community where users post content to 'suck up' to a handful of powerful people just to get their content upvoted. Unlike YouTube, I can guage right away what is working and what is not. That does not seem to be the case when you are brand new with little voting power and see most of your posts get 0 or 2 cents.

Yes, of course it is that way. This is life. Think about someone fresh out of high school who was in the acting class. They didn't get near the attention of a long-time Hollywood movie star. It takes time, practice and repeated good results. Yes it is tough. There are no short cuts but that is the way it has been through the centuries and across the world. So, let's understand reality and make it happen. Thank you very much for stopping by, @canadianmgtow (I love Canada!). I really appreciate your thoughts and look forward to hearing from you more in teh future. All the best!

Thanks for the good and helpful article am going to follow you and please help the new user like me to become successful with steemit

Stimit Success Series How thrilled it is to say !

Thank you, @nixon73 (clever moniker. Are you referring to President Richard by any chance?)

Glad you like it and I'm glad to have you come over and visit. Hope to hear from you again. !

congrats on your success

you most welcome
you guess give us tips and we follow that to grow our profile our thought
thANK U AGING for your support

Thank you, this video and sharing this with us.
Thank you Terry.

hi polaleye 50 i agree with you this post is veri good.

Thankyou very much @ibrahimmughai. Nice to have you come over to visit. Glad you liked the post.

Started watching and just have to go run some errands with my wife. Looked good so far! I followed so I can find it when I get back.

Well come on back when you can. We'll keep an extra helping for you on the stove heated up! Thank you for stopping by @industriousliv (nice moniker!)

Useful! Thanks!

Very good information.I have seen this interview on youtube.Its really helped a lot for new comer like me.Thanks a lot.Upvoted & Resteemed

That is most kind of you, @mukter786. Glad you enjoyed it and please come back and visit again.

great content bro.Really thx for your collect helpful information

You are most welcome @reyadapon. Thanx for stopping by.

Great information video. Learning more everyday about steemit. Follow me if you want short and to the point crypto trades. A lot of research goes into which coins to put money on. There are hundreds and hundreds of coins but I have only 30 different ones and making $300 to $500 per day.

This is fabulous @terrybrock! You and @timcliff are inspirations to minnows like myself! I'm following both of you right now!

Thank you very much, @komickaze. You are very kind. Looking forward to seeing you around the Steemit community.

Perfect post for a new steemian, such as myself!! Thanks for sharing !!

Welcome aboard, @conradsuperb (nice moniker!). Glad to have you in the Steemit community and we lok forward to hearing from you more.

Hey Thanks! glad you like it! I look forward to engaging with you as well, hopefully we can both help each other out on this journey together
Regards -ConradSuperb

Good information thanks for sharing sir
I will restreemed this post

Thank you, @max1994. Always nice to get a message from you.

Inspired me to change the way I post on Steemit

Cool! If you get something that helps you in your posts on Steemit, that is good. Thanx for stopping by @bryguy and I look forward to seeing you again.

This @timcliff is a genius! Wish I could write half as good as him!

Yes indeed! @timcliff is one incredible man and he gave a lot of great information in this video. I'm recommending anyone serious about doing well in Steemit watch and study this. Thank you. @mikeduck for stopping by to visit.

This is very inspiring

Thank you for this encouraging information.

You betcha' @shevans!

Working great! This is the most profitable cloud mining service :

Cloud mining service? You know, I never thought of Steemit that way but I can see the similarities. Thank you for sharing that.

Hi @terrybrock thanks for the insight im constantly posting on steemit not knowing what my followers want from me as a publisher, from what i got here im sure i will do great

Stay with it, @nabstertsr. It takes work, yes, but it is worth it. I really love putting together these interviews, talking with amazingly wonderful people like @timcliff, and then even doing the editing. Yea, I'm a nerd, but I like fiddling wiht the tech stuff. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Hope to see you again.

Thank you for a wonderful video

You bet, Peter! Thanx for your comment.

Wow, this interview is even more interesting and helpful than I expected.

I'm glad Tim mentioned it in the interview he did with David Pakman.

excelent job congratulations!!!

Thank you, @juliolezama. Glad you enjoyed it.

buenisimo post thousand congratulations for always showing quality in the material that you present in your publications

Thank you @felixrodriguez. Nice of you to leave a comment. Come on back again!

Hello again Terry, and hi @timcliff; I wanted to ask you guys help with this individual, I don't know what is wrong with him...

He keeps posting a bunch of SPAM about not-spamming...


Makes no sense, at least not to me...! What d'you guys think?


Since @timcliff could become a Witness, I thought I'd bring this to your attention...

I mean, it looks like a bloody bot! take a peek (his blog's comments):





Don't worry about it. Spammers gonna' spam, spam, spam, spam (to paraphrase Taylor Swift). Yes, we can report something but I wouldn't let people like that take up a lot of our TME (time, money, energy). Thank oyu for bringing it to our attention. I appreciate you and look forward to having you back again.

Thank you a lot Terry, this is just the answer I needed! 🙂 True thing about our T.M.E.! Totally worthwhile to read your reply --really.

It was really odd to find a guy spamming about not-spamming! But oh well, haha...

I will be there more often for those interviews --the one with Tim helped a lot! I will also do my best to contribute intelligently to the community. 😉

Until the, God-bless.

Hi terry ,I really want to share it with my friends by making a post of my own with this video and making tags with both you and Tim,Is it ok if i do so !
And i definitely am gonna make a link to the original post of yours so that many new users can get a hand of the video and get to learn new things!

Thank you very much, @rehan12 for your comment. Yes, indeed, go right ahead and make the tags, the posts, etc. If we can help many others, that will be great. I look fofrward to hearing from you about how it turns out. All the best!

i saw the video and read the post.
initially i was not knowing what and how to do on steemit but now as i know a lot info i am good to go
thanks a lot @timcliff and @terrybrock
I am a graduate from electrical engineering and want to share my knowledge
please suggest if it is a good idea or not thank you

nice video how can succed me

Steemit is a blogging and social networking website on top of the Steem blockchain database. The Steem blockchain produces STEEM this is really good ....we can join all time

Yes, Steemit is truly amazing. Glad to have a community like this. Thanx @michelhenry!

Very encouraging content. Thanks for putting the info out there! Mucho respect to both of you!

You betcha' @mikeonfire. Very nice to have you come over and visit (as always).

got to learn from you

Well, I look forward to learning from you as well.

I target people who aren't targeted enough... Even my game reviews are for games that are bit old but not #retro old, I'm sure even if no steemit user followed my posts now....

When the people who really into what I write join, they'll find a lot of my posts appealing and I'd get instant fan.

It's no wonder this guy is constantly the number 1 or 2 witness. Nice job guys!

I was able to watch this video from @timcliff's post 4hrs ago..

Spending my time watching this video while having my coffees at starbucks! What good way to learn more on how to be successful on steemit!

Thank you, I am following you now, Terry. Look forward to more videos!


Good post! Visit our blog and see the latest news and the best tops :D Greetings

Clever. You must have watched the video. Thank you!

I wanted to listen to this information to catch the success more quickly. thanks for your usefull article. I hope to catch up with success soon.

Great video! @terrybrock you have great radio voice! I am learning so much from @timcliff. You both seem so genuine and such a help to newbies! Thank you for all you do!

That's awesome @terrybrock ! Following you now , seen your awesome win of Steem round in Pappas post !! Congratulations ! My maiden name is Brock so I had to check it out and your blog lol !! I like what I see , keep up the great work !!upped an resteemed 👍✌😀

Thank you very much! Glad to have you on board and I look forward to helping you where I can with your posts and other areas here on Steemit. All the best to you, @karenmckersie