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As I reflect back on 2016, I cannot help but appreciate the role that steemit has played.

All around the world, for many of us, steemit has already changed our lives in incredible ways. In many cases, bills have been paid, families have been fed, and some have even overcome poverty; all because of the opportunity that steemit has provided.

In less than a year, this revolutionary platform has already accomplished incredible feats, while still in beta mode. From out of seemingly nowhere steemit suddenly appeared as a way for authors, bloggers, and everyone else to monetize their content. The draw of potential financial payouts pulled many users from all across the internet, and beyond.

For some, like @papa-pepper, steemit provided a reason to be online, sharing ideas, and documenting life.

Numerous incredibly talented individuals from all around the world joined steemit in 2016, most of whom were at first just looking to make a buck. However, for many of us, the community has become much more than a source of potential income, it’s a whole new world full of interesting and entertaining people to interact and collaborate with.

With events like local meet-ups and the global Steemfest, steemit set itself apart of other platforms in a different way. Having its own currency was distinct enough, but the real interaction has been incredible, and revolutionary in its own right.

Steemit is still growing and developing, but it has already accomplished a lot. Of course, like anything these days, it is far from perfect, but what it offers is more than many ever will.


Many online communities have never even thought of rewarding their users in the way that steemit already has. Even fewer platforms would consider not censoring what is available on their sites. Steemit offers a rewarding freedom of expression that is thus far unrivaled!

Not only that, but the potential that STEEM has as a currency is incredible too. We have all seen what Bitcoin has accomplished during its existence, and the amazing increase of value that it has recently gained. Exactly what lies in store for the future of STEEM as a currency is speculative, but the potential is fantastic!

The financial difference that STEEM and steemit have already made in many of our lives is evident, but the future possibilities are remarkable.

Will steemit provide financial freedom for the steemians in the near future?

Only time will tell, but @papa-pepper is incredibly optimistic!

We will see what happens in 2017, and I’m excitedly looking forward to it!

I’ll see you all in the future!


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Make that 200% - I second the motion!

Happy New Year @f1111111!

All the best to you @papa-pepper thoughout 2017 and beyond!!!


And beyond?

Wow! - Here's to the future!

Happy new year my love@papa-pepper


And to you as well @jlufer!


Happy New Year "Pepper" - Let's Make 2017 a Hot One! ;)


I like the sound of that! I'll do my best @hexdek16!

Happy New year to you and yours @papa-pepper!
I agree. So many lives have been positively influenced by this platform.
The sky is the limit!
Bring on 2017!


What's all this about "the sky is the limit?"
Haven't you ever heard of


It's about time we really get up there!


Hahaha! OK, in my world the moon hangs in the sky and keeps on going.
To Infinity, then!


To infinity then, and beyond!

Upvoted and resteemed!!!!


You may be the last perso to resteem a @papa-pepper post this year!

Thanks @riosparada, and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year @papa-pepper and mrs.pepper and all of your little pepperlings!! Thanks to your encouragement in 2016 I learned how to make memes, and I even won second place in the christmas steem meme competition hosted by the hilarskis! I made a post about that yesterday and I said lovely things about you and @beanz heartily agreed! @papa-pepper makes the steemit community GREAT, he is the proud representation!

it's true! looking ahead to what 2017 has in store for steemit

Happy new year to you and your family @papa-pepper. Keep writing as I enjoy reading your articles as well it does encourage me to stay tune on this platform for authors like you who can contribute there skills so well.

Happy New Year to @papa-pepper and all in steemit. :D


Happy New Year to you too!

Thanks @bontonstory!


Thank you @papa-pepper!!! Have a great, & safe 2017 with you and your family Bro:)


We plan on it!

Keep livin that @steemit-life!


Happy New Year! I am also very optimistic for the Steemit platform and community! Keep it hot, @papa-pepper!


You too @mrosenquist!

You are adding value to this community!

And a

Very Happy New Year to you and your family


Thanks @ace108! - The very same to you and yours!


You're are welcome. Thank you too.


Thanks man! The same to you!

Happy new year. Papa bless! Thanks for making the community awesome!


Thanks for that fantastic commnet, and the same to you @kevinwong!

Totally agreed! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :D :D :) @papa-pepper


Thanks @aishwarya, Happy New Year!

Yes, Steemit makes some opportunity for all people who want change their life. But in my opinion for most of them who does not use English as mother language, have little oportunity, especially to share clear idea by using english.
Hoping this new year Steemit should pay attention to it, so that they have the same opportunity.
What do you think papa-pepper?
--Happy new year


I think that you might want tolook at the blog history of users like @afrog - @gargon - @dresden - @chinadaily and others. Many of the posts in Non-English languages get some great payouts.

Also, when youlook at posts from @dresden, he can get two payouts from that same content, just by posting in English & Spanish. Sometimes, the Spanish version even does much better, which is neat.

Whatever your native language is, you can post in it, but it may just take longer to get noticed or get a good payout.

The language barrier is a concern. I took notice of this about three months ago, and even offered up my posts for translations, so that bilingual users could translate my posts and repost the translation themselves allowing them to keep all the rewards from the translations.


Check out some of the users I mentioned and see what you think.


Ok. thanks alot for replaing and share this valuebale information, dude...


I try to help, because Papa cares.

Yeah, check that stuff out and see what you think, but personally, it looks good to me!

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To an Amazing start to 2017!! Lets keep this momentum going!