New to Crypto and Steemit - Reviewer/Streamer

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Hey folks,

I came here with some heavy skepticals on but friends who understand this much better to me said I should get on board. I failed at using reddit, but this community seems vastly more chill.

A reformed extrovert, I was the victim of an armed robbery a few years back and it turned me in to a bit of a reclusive shut in. Pity my poor wife who has to drag me kicking and screaming from the house often. I've decided to spend my efforts in creating content on the internet. Most of these come in the form of video game reviews and Let's Plays. I've a passion not just for entertainment but for consumer advocacy. I feel a properly written review should not just be slagging on a company but act as a communication bridge between developer and buyer.

I look forward to posting some of my work here and hope to support and connect with others with similar interest. oldie.jpg

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@oldmanmordaith - WELCOME TO STEEMIT!

I'm not a huge gamer but I do enjoy getting my fix in once in awhile.. I also used to work for the largest video game reseller in the US - on the corporate side of the business so I am definitely interested in reading a review that includes the relationship between games and developers and your insights

STEEMIT is only what you make of it... The key to STEEMIT is a good 2-3 months of patience after joining unfortunately because it is a vastly complex ever growing platform organism.. I'm sure your friends on here will help to cut that the period in half - If ya ever have any questions - simply ask anyone on the site or chatroom and you will get plenty of direction :)

Nice to meet you; I look forward to your reviews and other posts. I hope you won't be disappointed here.

Nice my friend pliss vote and follow me