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@ReviewMe! 😉Hi there peeps.. I'm @saffisara ≧◠‿◠≦✌

Every day is a #haturday! ❤️


About Me:

Who am I? 😜 Ohh.. Gosh..Where do I start? 😅 LOL

I'm a girl who loves to smile and laugh 😉
There's nothing I wouldn't do for my friends and family, and I belive in people and change!
I'm a dreamer and always se the bright side of things... Enoys people sometimes... But I am what I am 😆

I don't follow the stream but like to do things My own way.
To be genuine and stay true to myself!

I have many nicknames and even I have a hard time keeping up 😂😂😂hahaha
Sassy...Sass...saffi..sassypants..Sassafrass and huggaboo (I'm a Hug 🤗Lover)

I'm a queen of emojis and uses much in my posts... Can't do without them 😂 hahaha
Can't beat the power of emojis 😂😂hahaha

I work as a preschool teacher and I love my job and kids are the best thing.
I love their honesty and their simple minds 😊 you always hear new things every day and it's a pleasure to be a part of their future ❤️

I have a Yorkipoo named Bobby and he is my amazing companion and the cutest ever!


He follows me everywhere and we both share the same "Happy Place" The garden

I love photography and my favorite objects are flowers and nature all together 📸😍

From the garden!

I share much from the garden and beaches, but sunsets are also a favorite!
Mother nature is the best artist and no art look like any other 😍


I love Hats and accidentally created the #haturday tag after doing a post of me and my family passing around a aussie hat and took pictures of it!


It has turned out to be a popular one and many others loves hats to and I guess @enginewitty is the king of hats... Lol


I admit that I'm completely addicted to steemit and the amazing people that I've met here.
I've learned so much and grown in a way that I never thought possible 😉 and I've come out of my comfort zone and today I can take on a challenge that I only a few month back would be afraid to.
A lot of the reason for that is the people I've met here and their amazing support. Love ya'll ❤️🤗❤️


My passion here is engaging with people and get to know what drives them and what their passion is.
I love reading posts and commenting and for me getting comments and love from people is the best reward 😊 warms the heart!

I'm a proud member of #thealliance which is a group of people with great talents and hearts that I'm proud to call family! ❤️
The founder is @enginewitty who also is a great witness and a great friend 🤗

I'm also a part of Welcome Wagon and together with @dreemsteem and @bluefinstudios and @eveningart we are team Sapphire and they are such amazing people and goes out of their way to help others. Butthugs ya'll

I'm amazed by all the amazing new people that we met in ww, and I learn a lot from interacting with them.
I wasn't that Awsome when I was new... 😜Lol

Alone we are strong But TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!!


I'm located in Skegrie, which is a small community on the country side in Sweden 🇸🇪

Contact Info:

@saffisara on steemit
My Weku blog
My Minds blog
On Discord (my second home) 😉


ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっI would appreciate if you Please review your experience interacting with me on steemit.com!
❤️ Thank you!

To #reviewme,

1. Copy the text next to the stars exactly as shown for the number of stars you want to give me!
2. Write your feedback/review about me in the comments below. Help me earn a thousand stars! (^.^)/"
Note: Quality reviews can help others learn more about @kaliju and in return, earn upvotes.

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Thank you so much for doing this 😘❤️ means the world to me!




one cred star

Dearest Sara, I give you one star because when you move on from this life, your joy and love for people will be shining down from heaven and I hope God gives you your own star. I know your starlight will guide someone home.

2 cred stars

I give you two stars because you and Bobby are the best and he makes me laugh as much as you do. I would give anything to play with him, he’s such a sweetie.

3 cred stars

I give you three stars because your Mom and Dad each deserve a star for raising the kind of daughter who loves people and tries to believe the best in everyone.

4 cred stars

I give you four stars so we have one for your sister who you worry about all the time and would give anything you could to help her feel better.

5 cred stars

Finally Sara we need to be honest with each other hun, after all, it’s just us here talking. There is no point in giving you five stars because you would just give 4 of them away and then feel bad you kept one for yourself. I love you to digital bits as much as I can for someone I haven’t met yet!

Wow! This comment actually made me speachless there for a moment and as I kept reading it I got a bit teary 🌹
Such beautiful words my friend and it really touched me!

The way you got Bobby in and my sister and family ❤️ means a lot... 🤗
Yes the absolutely deserve stars for all they do and who they are. Great romodels!

And I guess you really know me well dear.. I probably would give 4 🌟stars away 😂😂lol
But hey..
What can you do when you love people? 😜
Thank you so much @thebugiq for your amazing comment and sweet words!
Have a wonderful evening and much love 🤗❤️🌹

5 cred stars

For the hugs alone!
For her amazing time spending with others, helping, promoting, commenting, and for being a wonderful friend... Miss @saffisara should get many more stars!

Thank you so much! 🌹🤗❤️
I'm so lucky to have gotten to know you my friend and our team Sapphire Rocks 😜 lol
Thank you for being who you are and much Love to you ❤️🤗❤️

five star 5 cred stars.
You are one of the best Saffisara!. Love seeing Bobby and your hats. Much love, dear friend. 💕 😊 🎩 ♥️

Thank you very much my sweet friend 🌹🤗🌹
Means a lot and your just so sweet and kind.
Yes Bobby is the cutest and has me wrapped around his paw 😂 lol
Have a wonderful evening and stay as you are.
Much Love ❤️🤗❤️

This is what happens when I fall asleep!!!! Lololol I missed being the FIRST! Hahahaha

5 cred stars

If you haven't met @saffisara, then you should get the chance to interact with her RIGHT away!!! She is one of the my favorite people on Steemit because she is one of the most geniune people you will ever get to meet. So caring!! So generous!!! (You have to stop her from being so generous... But her parents raised her this way, and it's a beautiful thing... Truly!!!) Always willing to stop and be kind to someone. And she can sense when you need that extra hug... (Or butt hug- GO SAPPHIRE!!!) Hahahaha and she isn't afraid to do it!

Makes you laugh and feel good about who you are!!! She is always a pleasure to be around and when there are times when she is down (rarely).... We rally around her to remind her just how special she is! I can't imagine Steemit without you Saffi!

.....who else would peek into my window??? Hahahahahahhahaa

She deserves more than 5 stars. She's the whole kit and caboodle. (And Bobby too! ) Hehehehe

Love you sister!!

Awww... Sweet sister ❤️🤗❤️
As always you make me smile with your comment and I feel the love 😊

I'm so lucky to have you in my life, and the laughs and jokes in sapphire chat just makes my day 😂😂😂 butthug and oil bath... Window flash, whip and bloop bloop... Bwahahahahaha
@BluefinStudios is a happy victim of girl power 😂lol
You have inspired me so much and I've learned a lot from meeting the new people in ww and se you and @bluefinstudios guiding them.. You are remarkable my friend!
😜 thank you for making my life Richer 😙
I love hugs and I can't wait for our meet up and to be able to hug you in RL 🤗🤗🤗 even butthug 😜 and your right.. I'm NOT afraid to!
Caboodle? not sure what that is... Lol
You know I'm the slow swede... Lmao
Thank you for your amazing rewiew sis it touched me a lot and I can only say....
Same right back at ya sister ❤️ Love you bunch!

5 cred stars

Well 5 stars are in order I think! :-D You are a rare gem indeed my friend. Always helpful, and generous with the hugs... even butt hugs haha! A shining star in the Steemitverse, and the Fam.

Ohh and you might need an xtra pillow for the show you are watching! J/K LOL it's not that bad... maybe.

Have an awesome day.

Thank you very much my friend 🤗💕
Yes I do love the hugs and.. Butthugs 😂😂lol
You are amazing and has great talent, more than you know.. And shy as me too... Lol
Only Snook who got me to really talk in pants are Optional 😂 that was soo funny!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and thank you for your kind comment. Means a lot to me 🤗 Yes another pillow could be nice so I don't se the spooky TV.... Lol
Much Love 💕🌹💕

You are a truly amazing person, and quite unique in many ways. It is a pleasure to have met you and call you a friend. I truly enjoy your posts, although quite long sometimes......they are always full of great pictures. Have a great day my friend.

Thank you so much my sweet friend 🤗🌹💕
I'm lucky to have met you too and you are such an inspiration.
I'm honored to call you my friend and to share family with you ❤️ thank you for being so amazing and I wish you a wonderful weekend.
Much Love 💕🤗💕
Ya I know my posts can be looong sometimes 😜 lol

5 cred stars

First, a question, am I allowed to review Bobby as well? Mhhh. I just do it ....

** ** ** ** ** for Bobby! (hope it looks like 5 stars:)

I met @saffisara very early, shortly I joined Steemit. I just love her, and I love Bobby! I love so much that she is very very very authentic and genuine! And her posts are not only funny, but full of wonderful pictures and giphies - thanks to her I learned what giphies are :)

Awww... I just want to HUG 🤗🤗YOU!
Such sweet comment and I actually think we rewiewed each other at the same time 😂😂
I just left a comment on yours 😉👌
Really a great one and I wish there was more stars to give 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


You have a great sense of humor and big heart.
Thank you for your amazing comment and stay as you are 🤗🤗🤗 Love you too ❤️💋
and YES you are allowed to rewiew Bobby to

So cool, wow, reviewing the same time, you thought of me and I thought of you at the same moment, this is so wonderful!!! I would love to collect all the stars in the sky for you and Bobby!

Yes two heads and one mind there 😉✌️

That's really cool and I guess we can collect stars together and pass them out 😉🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 your Awsome my friend and thank you for making me smile!
Sweet dreams! Ya it's 2.30 at night here so I better run to bed before @BluefinStudios finds out and threatening me with spanking 😂😂😂hahaha

And you deserve more and more my girl. You are one wonderful person to come across, so full of life and energy. God bless you with tons of happiness.💖💖

Thank you so much my sweet friend 🤗🌹
Your just the sweetest and thank you for being such an inspiration 💕
Thank you for your kind words and for being you. Made my day! 🤗🌹❤️ Much Love!
Have a wonderful evening!


5 cred stars
There should be a ten star option for how gracious and beautiful you have been with me over this time. Even though my path leads me away from time to time you have been a bright light since the day I stumbled into this lovely community. Much luv friend.

Awww... Thank you so much my friend 🤗
Means a lot to hear you say that and you know I think the world of you.
Always been a great friend and even if the paths leads away sometimes doesn't mean that we don't care 😊 good to se you and I hope you are doing well and having a fantastic weekend.
Much Love ❤️🤗❤️
Stay as you are my friend

5 cred stars
You are such a lovely person and I love you because you love kids.

Awww... Thank you my friend 😊 really sweet!
Yes I do love kids and working with them is a privilege. Have a wonderful evening and much love! 💕🤗💕

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