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UC Browser

Latest live cricket streaming, score, news, fast videos downloader.



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Best browser out of many browser apps, has many great features such as the rewind n fastforward, background player, easy download, fast loading but i have 2 problems. 1st; everytime i play video i can't change the resolution. Need to refresh the site n quickly tap the resolution tab before it played or it will automatically goes 360p. 2nd; can't skip ads before videos even when it actually can, then after ads finish u can't load the video at all. ☹️

I rate you so high because you've solve my problem with Google chrome. I can now download any file speedily and I can pause my downloads at any time and still resume when I choose to. The fun part is I don't need to be forced to log in my Google account to browse or to feel like someone is spying my internet activities even after I've changed the settings. Keep up the good work. Am loving it

Thank You

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